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elder abuse prevention programs

'Elder Investment Fraud and Financial Exploitation Prevention' Program

Doctors and other health care professionals in the USA screen seniors during routine visit for signs of elder financial abuse since illnesses and aging can make many elderly vulnerable to investment fraud.


FBI Listing of Common Fraud Schemes Targeting Senior Citizens


Elder Abuse Prevention Training
Physical Elder Abuse Prevention
Financial Elder Abuse Prevention
General Elder Abuse Prevention
Adopt -A- Senior Programs
Temporary or Shelter Housing

Elder Abuse Prevention Training Programs

Elder Abuse Instructor Training
Program (EAITP)

Trains law enforcement and other agencies across the USA to deliver presentations on elder abuse prevention.
Faith Based Leaders Response to Elder Abuse Program
Promotes elder abuse prevention by increasing elder abuse awareness to faith based leaders. Available across the USA.
Elder Abuse Awareness
Training Kit

An elder abuse prevention and awareness training kit to educate the Alberta, Canada community along with others on elder abuse.

Volunteer Guardianship for the Elderly

Community members in Montana are trained to be guardians for elderly at risk of elder abuse.
Elder Investment Fraud & Financial Exploitation Prevention Program
Doctors and other health care professionals in the USA screen seniors during routine visit for signs of elder financial abuse since illnesses and aging can make many elderly vulnerable to investment fraud.
Archstone Foundation Elder Abuse & Neglect Initiative Program
Training and education for professionals of all disciplines so that they are better equipped to deal with elder abuse. In California.

Elder Abuse Curriculum for State Judicial Educators Program
Education program on elder abuse laws and other information for State Judicial Educators to help prevent and fight elder abuse. Available across the USA.
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National District Attorneys Association
Elder Abuse Program

Training and technical assistance for elder abuse prosecutors. Available across the USA.
Elder Abuse
Forensic Center

Center in California dedicated to educating and collaborating with professionals who deal with elder abuse including: law enforcement, the medical community, social services, the legal community, government officials, investigative agencies, academic institutions, and older adults and their families.
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Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect

Center in California that provides medical, forensic, and victim programs to abused, neglected and exploited seniors, living in the community or in long-term care facilities.
Elder Abuse
Training Institute Programs

Training institute in California for professionals from the medical, legal, and law enforcement communities, social services and government agencies to learn about all aspects of elder abuse, including: detection, reporting, investigating, prosecuting, caring for victims and prevention.
San Francisco Elder Abuse Forensic Center Program
Innovative model program for elder abuse prevention that brings together over 50 providers in both public and private agencies across San Francisco serving seniors and adults with disabilities.

Action on Elder Abuse Elder Abuse Prevention Training Program
Elder abuse prevention training for staff and careworkers and all who work with elderly such as residential care staff, domiciliary care staff, and voluntary and independent sector groups. The aim is to protect the elderly by providing elder abuse prevention training. United Kingdom (UK)
NYC Elder Abuse Center

The NYC Elder Abuse Center provides case management to elder abuse victims and their families and to prevent elder abuse, neglect and exploitation and ageism through education and research. New York, USA,
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Recognizing, Curtailing Senior Bullying Among Older Adults
Senior bullying prevention program that can be used for training staff and educating senior residents at retirement homes, nursing facilities and older adult centers. The aim to create awareness and to stand up to senior bullying. Available Online. Watch Video

Seniors Rights Service

Free, advice, advocacy, education, training videos and legal services to ensure that older adults are not the victims of abuse and that they understand their rights.
New South Wales.
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Physical Elder Abuse Prevention Programs

Cane- Fu

Teaching elderly in nursing homes, senior centers and other places how to use a cane for self defense. Available Internationally. Watch Video
Elderly Victims Emergency Security Fund (EVESF) Program
Re- secures the homes of elderly victims of home invasions in Philadelphia, PA, USA.
Providing Security for Victimized Elderly Program
Walks the elderly in Philadelphia through the appropriate steps to report and recover damages after a violation.Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Financial Elder Abuse Prevention Programs


Provides a financial assistant to elderly in Montana to protect against financial elder abuse.

AARP Free Lunch

Undercover AARP volunteers attend investment seminars and report back inappropriate tactics, frauds and scams in order to prevent financial elder abuse. Across the USA.
Very Important Papers Program

Lawyers in Pittsburgh make presentations to elderly and help prepare needed documents ahead of time to prevent financial abuse later in life. Watch Video

Senior Medicare Patrol Empowering Seniors to Detect Medicare Fraud
Amazing program to protect senior Medicare beneficiaries from fraud and to recover millions of dollars in Medicare system fraud. Across the USA. Watch Video
Seniors Against Investment Fraud Program
California's outreach campaign to alert, educate and empower seniors about investment and telemarketing fraud crimes and teaches how seniors can avoid being victimized by scam artists. Great program where seniors are fighting against financial elder abuse.
National Consumers League Fraud Center for Elderly Program
Fraud Center in Washington where seniors can call in to report senior scams, financial elder abuse and any other fraud targeting seniors.

Seniors Against Investment Fraud Program
Educational and outreach
campaign to empower West Virginia's seniors on detecting, avoiding and stopping investment fraud and preventing financial elder abuse.

Prevents senior financial abuse in Canada by increasing awareness, educating seniors on techniques used by scammers and providing elderly with the necessary information and who to contact if they have been a victim of financial elder abuse.
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Savvy Seniors Program

A free Better Business Bureau program for seniors on how to spot the different kinds of investment fraud and to teach them what to do if they think that they may have been scammed. Locations across the USA and Canada.
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A service that helps prevents financial abuse of the elderly by flagging early warning signs. Technology is used to detect and prevent fraud.
Across the USA.
True Link

A pre-paid debit card and monitoring system that allows a trusted person to act as an administrator, such as an adult child and assist an elderly parent in keeping an eye on their financial accounts. The aim is to prevent and avoid senior scams, financial scams and other forms of elder financial abuse from occuring.
Across the USA.
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Financial Protection Network

Elder financial abuse prevention training programs, including community education seminars, workshops, videos, public awareness campaigns, outreach and partnerships. California, USA. Watch Video

Preventing Senior Fraud Anti-Fraud Education Program
A free guide on how to prevent senior scams complete with types of fraud and scams, such as internet scams, investment fraud, credit card scams, and lottery scams, along with warning signs, and information on who to contact for help.The program aims to prevent the growing crime of elder financial abuse through education and awareness. Nebraska, USA.
Home Instead
Protect Seniors from Fraud Program

A public education program put together with the assistance of security experts to help protect older adults from becoming victims of senior scams and fraud such as: Medicare fraud, insurance scams, health insurance fraud, credit card fraud, counterfeit prescription drug fraud, telemarking fraud, internet fraud, financial scams, home repair scams, door-to-door sales and other con schemes. Across the USA and Canada. Watch Video
Smart Seniors Guide
New York State Office of the Attorney General

A guide by the New York State Office of the Attorney General outlining how to prevent senior scams covering topics such as: common scams, internet safety for seniors, identity theft, charity scams, elder abuse and neglect, and medicaid fraud. The aim is to help protect against elder financial abuse by equipping seniors and their loved ones with the correct information. New York, USA. Watch Video

Insurance Fraud

Educating and increasing awareness among consumers, government organizations, insurers and others about insurance fraud including Medicare fraud, health insurance fraud and others. The coalition aims to show the broad impact of insurance fraud and advocates for policies that help to detect, prevent, deter, and prosecute insurance fraud. Based in Washington, DC.
Stop.Think.Connect Campaign Cybersecurity for Seniors
A national public awareness campaign by Homeland Security aimed at increasing awareness about internet safety for seniors. The aims is to make sure that seniors are better informed about cyber threats, Internet safety tips and can avoid being victims of elder financial abuse and senior scams. Across the USA.
Savvy Saving Seniors Avoiding Scams

A training toolkit to help prevent elder financial abuse by detailing the top 10 scams targeting seniors, tips for avoiding scams & swindles, health insurance fraud, telemarketing scams, home repair or contractor fraud, work at home scams. Available Free Online.

Seniors and Telemarketing Fraud 101
Crime Prevention Council

Tips and techniques for seniors on how to deal with telemarketers and telemarketing fraud including how to answer aggressive telemarketers. The program aims to help prevent telemarketing fraud and scams and related crimes against seniors which lead to elder financial abuse. Across the USA. Watch Video
Senior Fraud Education and Protection Program

A toolkit providing advice for older adults on how to avoid senior scams, protect their identity and credit, make investments, apply for mortgages, and manage their health. New Jersey, USA.

The Little Book of
Big Scams - Metropolitan Police United Kingdom

Older people and others are taught how to identify and avoid becoming victims of scams and fraud such as identity theft, insurance fraud, mobile phone scams, credit card fraud, courier scams, health and medical fraud, online dating scams and other internet fraud. A great tool to help prevent elder financial abuse. United Kingdom.
RCMP Seniors Guidebook to Safety and Security
A senior safety guide for seniors in Canada put out by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) covering senior home safety, senior scams and fraud leading to elder financial abuse, safety tips at home and when out, senior driver safety and more. Across Canada.

General Elder Abuse Prevention Programs

Long Term Care

Investigates complaints and elder abuse at skilled and assisted living facilities and room and boards across the USA. Watch Video

Senior Action Fair Program

Half day event in the Los Angeles, California area to empower seniors against multiple types of elder abuse. Watch Video
Advocates for
Conserved Elders Program

Volunteers visit conserved elderly and others in California nursing facilities. "Conserved" individuals are those who are no longer able to make their own decisions with respect to their health and finances and those decisions are then handed over to the state.

Family Violence Prevention Preventing Elder Abuse Program
To prevent elderly from getting into the cycle of family violence in Ohio.
Crime Busters

Teaches seniors in Westchester County, New York, how to recognize potential scams before they happen, and how to avoid becoming a victim of elder abuse.
Older Women Living Safely (OWLS)

Support group for elderly women in Calgary, Canada who have been or are in abusive relationships.

Consumer Affairs
Elder Abuse
Prevention Program

Los Angeles Consumer Affairs holds elder abuse prevention seminars in conjunction with other departments.
Clearinghouse on Abuse & Neglect of the Elderly Program
The largest online catalog of elder abuse resources and literature in the United States.
Legal Services for Seniors in Los Angeles Bet Tzedek Program
Provides free legal services, clinics and workshops to low-income seniors in Los Angeles so that they can fight against all forms of elder abuse.

Nursing Home Advocacy Project

Legal protection against elder abuse and neglect of seniors in nursing homes and other facilities in Los Angeles.Watch Video
Six For (4) Seniors Program

Campaign to raise awareness and money, (a simple $6 donation) to help those seniors at risk for elder abuse in Kentucky. Watch Video
Medicaid Fraud
Control Unit

Investigates and prosecutes Medicaid fraud as well as patient abuse and neglect in health care facilities across the USA.

National Ass'n of Triads Communities Working to Keep Older Adults Safe
A partnership of three organizations: law enforcement, senior citizens, and community groups all pushing for senior safety and elder abuse prevention in Virginia.
Elder Abuse
Education and Outreach Program

Education and outreach to the general public in to identify and prevent elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation by New York State Office for the Aging.
Jewish Ass'n for Services for the Aged Elder Abuse Prevention Program
Teams of attorneys and social workers are trained to help older adults who are victims of elder abuse in New York.

BC Centre for Elder & Advocacy Support
Victim Services Program

Helps victims of elder abuse or a crime to access the justice system and provides them with emotional support. British Columbia, Canada.
BC Centre for Elder & Advocacy Legal Advocacy Program
A trained legal advocate paralegal provides legal information to those who call the Seniors Advocacy & Information Line. Advocates provide legal representation to older adults with problems related to access to safe senior housing, access to government benefits and pensions and elder abuse.British Columbia, Canada.
BC Centre for Elder & Advocacy Elder Law Clinic Program
Provides free legal services to seniors/older adults age 55+. British Columbia, Canada.

BC Centre for Elder & Advocacy Education & Outreach Programs
Elder advocacy, elder abuse prevention education and workshops delivered by staff, and through senior peer-to-peer workshops. British Columbia, Canada.
Ontario Provincial Police Seniors Assistance Program
A team of police officers in the Ontario, Canada Police division provide crime analysis and research with respect to seniors and elder abuse.
Advocacy Centre
for the Elderly

Provides legal assistance to seniors through intake staff, information and referrals. Advocacy Centre for the Elderly in Ontario, Canada.

Dignity Helpline
Elder Abuse Prevention Helpline

An elder abuse prevention hotline to help elders in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Pune India. To help elderly in India report elder abuse or to help elderly who are being harassed, neglected, or denied their rights. India. Watch Video
Action on Elder Abuse Elder Abuse Prevention Programs
Action on Elder Abuse elder abuse helpline, community volunteer groups and conferences all working to prevent elder abuse.
United Kingdom (UK)
Ageless Alliance
Elder Abuse Awareness Movement

Ageless Alliance is a social justice movement connecting people of all ages across the United States to stand united against elder abuse in an intergenerational fight for the dignity of older adults.
Across the USA.
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National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

Association of attorneys who are dedicated to improving the quality of legal services provided to seniors and people with special needs.The association advocates for issues such as elder justice, elder abuse prevention, senior rights, senior health care and more. Across the USA.
MetLife The Essentials Guide to Preventing
Elder Abuse

A guide by MetLife Insurance Mature Market which outlines forms of abuse, ways to prevent elder abuse, and how to get help if you have been a victim of elder abuse or suspect someone you care about has been a victim of elder abuse. Free Guide Available Online. Watch Video
Elder Abuse
A Women's Issue
Older Women's League

A report on elder abuse against women and a call for action to improve the well-being of older women and future generations of women and to protect women's dignity and independence. Across the USA. Watch Video

Elder Abuse Prevention Unit

The Elder Abuse Prevention Unit and the Elder Abuse Helpline responds to elder abuse of older people in Queensland. Australia.
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Adopt -A- Senior Programs

Adopt-a-Senior Club Program

Monetary donations to a senior club at GuardiaCare in Louisville, KY., so that seniors can receive a number of services ranging from basic needs, to attending daycare to medical care. Watch Video
Adopt-Our-Senior Center Program

Local businesses in Michigan can adopt a senior center by offering financial and non-financial support to elderly in need.

Providing senior citizens in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan with donated food, nutrition and personal hygiene items so that they do not suffer neglect.

Adopt-A-Native Elder

The adopting a Native American Indian program helps to prevent self neglect of native elderly by providing food, medicine, clothing, fabric, and yarns to help the Navajo (Dine) People elders who live on the land in their traditional lifestyle in Utah.

Provides companionship visits to seniors in nursing homes and Chicago assisted living communities who do not have visitors. In Chicago.


elder abuse prevention programs caregiver stress

More than half the family caregivers reported having engaged in some abusive behavior including screaming, insulting or cursing directed at the person in their care, researchers found. - University College London, Dr. Claudia Cooper Source: NY Times New Old Age Blog.

Preventing Elder Abuse by Family Caregivers
A free guide courtesy National Center on Elder Abuse.



video source: Elder Justice Now

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