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WHATUndercover volunteers attend investment seminars and report back any inappropriate tactics and scams.
WHYFree lunch seminars attract the elderly with the promise of quick investment gains for retirement and free food and often pressure seniors to make unsuitable investment decisions with harassing follow up calls or visits.

State regulators are not able to fully cover the large number of fraudulent seminars so volunteers are essential in helping to eliminate fraud.

Program Description

A volunteer "free lunch" monitor brings along a checklist to the senior investment seminar to determine if the seminar is legitimately providing financial education to senior citizens or is a scam.

AARP training provides the volunteer with what to watch and listen for.

AARP Volunteers remain fully discreet in there purpose for attending. They collect handouts and afterwards submit everything to the AARP "Free Lunch Monitor" Program for review.

The AARP program asks that anyone who receives an invitation for a “free lunch” seminar send the invite in to them for review. This helps to assure that investment professionals are not running investment scams for seniors and that they are legitimately working in the best interest seniors.

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