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aging documentaries dementia films death films caregiving videos

aging  documentary aging filmsAGING FILMS

Films documenting the aging process.
Death and Dying Assisted Suicide Elderly Senior Citizen  DocumentariesDEATH & DYING FILMS

Films about end-of-life, dying with dignity, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and dealing with death.

Documenting the various forms of elder abuse in order to increase awareness of a growing problem.

Caregiving Videos CAREGIVING FILMS

Films covering stories of caregivers, the sandwich generation caring forchildren and their aging parents and more.
Gay Documentary Gay Seniors LGBTQ SENIORS FILMS

LGBTQ films covering the challenge of LGBTQ senior awareness in society, nursing facilities, specialty housing and more.

Inspirational aging! Inspirational seniors acting with strength and resolve in fortunate, unfortunate and complex situations.

Dementia Documentaries Dementia Films Alzheimers Video DEMENTIA FILMS

Films dealing with the progression and effects of dementia, Alzheimer's and memory loss on those affected and their loved ones.
Nursing Home VideoNURSING FILMS

Cameras go inside nursing homes and into the lives of older adults shedding light on what is rarely seen. These films document the world of geriatric nursing, what it is and how it can be improved.

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