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Elder Abuse Prevention Video


Produced by The Elder Financial Protection Network and Bank of the West.

Documentary Be Wise, Be Aware: Prevent Elder Financial Abuse The Elder Financial Protection Network and Bank of the West.

"...Financial abuse of the elderly costs as much as $2.6 billion a year, all the result of schemes and scams that range from simple auto repairs to complex life insurance annuities to sweepstake scams.

" Unfortunately the majority of people who victimize the elderly are not strangers at all...about 90% of elder abuse or abuse of disabled adults is perpetrated by family."
Documentary Film: Be Wise, Be Aware: Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

"To support seniors, Bank of the West works with the Elder Financial Protection Network to raise public awareness and prevent elder financial abuse. Together, we have developed consumer awareness programs, and in 2010 Bank of the West sponsored the documentary film 'Be Wise, Be Aware, Prevent Elder Financial Abuse'."
source: Bank of the West Commitment to Community 2010 Report.

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Directed by: Lyn Wright.Produced by: National Film Board Canada NFB.

Caregiver Stress and Elder Abuse

"Once again the police charged her son with assault. As before they feared she would let the charges drop. Most elderly victims are to too afraid or ashamed to report the crimes against them, they rarely press charge charges."

"Margo is 73 years old, in poor health and living near the poverty line.
Her only family a son of 33 who beats her. Today she's come for help...he's an alcoholic and he goes absolutely insane when he's drunk. He beats me up time and time again and steals things."

"Through 4 moving portraits, this short documentary sheds light on the tragedy of caregiver stress and elder abuse. The abuse takes many forms, ranging from wilful neglect and financial exploitation to physical assault. The film portrays the emotional complexity of family relationships that can lead to abuse of the elderly, the anguish and isolation of its victims, and the need for community understanding and support."

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Produced by: National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) and WFYI Public Media, Atlantic Philanthropies.

Fleeced Elder Financial Abuse

"We save for a lifetime to have enough money to carry us through retirement. But one in five older adults are victims of financial abuse and fraud."

"Over 20% of all older adults are the victims of financial fraud and abuse, which annually costs $2.9 billion. We tell the story from the perspective of the victim, but we do not stop there. Several of the older adults in the film have become leaders in fighting against fraud, abuse and older adult financial exploitation in their communities and beyond. We also draw on expert voices to bring attention to this pressing problem."

Fleeced: Speaking Out Against Senior Financial Abuse reveals what can happen to older adults when they are targeted for scams and abusive financial products. At risk are not only older adults' pensions, savings and homes but also their health and well being.

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Produced by: BBC.
BBC Panorama Elderly Care Undercover

"Panorama reveals the appalling treatment of an elderly care home resident with dementia, captured on film after a concerned relative hid a secret camera. The abuse in a care home passed as 'excellent' by the national regulator, the Care Quality Commission has led to five care workers being sacked, with one pleading guilty to assault. It was recorded by a secret camera placed in the elderly woman's bedroom by her daughter, who speaks for the first time about what happened. Fiona Phillips, whose parents suffered from dementia and whose mother died in a care home, investigates whether the regulator and care home provider did enough to prevent such abuse and asks whether the system of elderly care itself can be trusted."

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Produced by: Jeff MacIntyre, Debby Bitticks, Ken Bitticks, Lynn Benson, Dorothy Breininger.
Hosted by: Ed Asner.

Saving Our Parents Ed Asner

"Professionals, experts and 'victims' share life-saving knowledge and inspirational insights with candor, their heartfelt message guiding us, our parents and our loved ones safely into the golden years."

In addition to a daughter discovering that her father had been abused to death in a nursing home, the documentary also features other cases of abuse involving predatory caregivers, conservators and scams that prey on the elderly. Discussions with professionals, such as law enforcement, elder abuse attorneys, and public health officials along with victims are featured.The documentary film 'Saving Our Parents' includes segments on: Predatory Caregivers, Unscrupulous Conservators, Inspiring advice, Fraud and Senior Scams, Elders impacted by Hoarding, Motivational wisdom, Nursing Home Neglect, Long Term Care Solutions, and Intergenerational Care

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