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WHATA free financial literacy seminars program for seniors.
WHYTo provide financial education for older adults so that they can better plan for retirement and possibly prevent elder financial abuse and fraud
WHEREYour Money Seniors.
Canadian Bankers Association. Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.
Across Canada.

Program Description

“We wish to congratulate the Canadian Bankers Association for their investment in promotion of financial literacy for seniors in Canada through the Your Money Seniors program. This education is paramount to assist our seniors to make informed decisions on how to protect themselves against financial crime and promote fraud awareness. This is exactly the support seniors are requesting to reduce their vulnerability against financial crime."

- Ann McSweeney, Executive Director, The Good Companions Seniors' Centre Yahoo Finance, Press Release: Bankers Nationwide Launch New Financial Education Program for Canadian Seniors.

Financial education seminars for older adults are conducted by community banks who volunteer their time and expertise.  

  • Financial Abuse – what is financial abuse and how to protect your money and yourself.
  • Fraud Prevention - know the signs of top senior scams such as phishing, credit and debit card fraud, identity theft, romance scams, grandparent scam and learn about ways to prevent fraud.
  • Do You Suspect Financial Abuse - red flags and where to get help.
  • Retirement – retirement accounts and cash management
  • Managing Debt

Senior groups and retirement communities who are interested in spreading the word about financial management, financial abuse and fraud may request seminars through the Canadian Bankers Association.

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