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WHATA service that helps prevents financial abuse of the elderly by flagging early warning signs. Technology is used to detect and prevent fraud, unauthorized use of credit cards, unusual cash withdrawals, missing deposits and abnormal changes in spending patterns.
WHYTo prevent the financial abuse of elderly with the use of technology, in a timely manner.
Founder-Howard Tischler.

Program Description

"Seniors Lose More than $2.9 Billion Annually to Financial Exploitation Elder financial abuse has been called the Crime of the 21st Century."

"eXscan protects your assets and peace of mind. It guards older Americans against financial exploitation by daily scanning of financial accounts and timely alerts to suspicious activity. It helps protect you by detecting abnormal spending patterns, unusual credit card charges, missing deposits, unexpected cash withdrawals and identity theft."

Financial Exploitation of older adults is a growing epidemic. Isolation can make seniors a particular target for financial predators.

eXscan aims to prevent elder financial abuse by:

  • Providing bank-level security and 24/7 protection.
  • Scanning financial accounts daily.
  • Detecting unusual spending patterns, charges and withdrawals.
  • Sending alerts upon suspicious activity.
  • Monitoring of personal credit at credit bureaus.
  • Consolidated reporting with an overview of financial accounts.

eXscan states that seniors’ privacy and information is safe and secure, encrypted, and that they do not store full account number.

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