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WHATEducating seniors, their caregivers and families to watch for signs of elderly malnutrition and senior hunger.
WHYTo raise awareness of senior hunger and elderly malnutrition. Seniors may need to change the intake of certain vitamins and minerals and calories depending on gender, metabolism and specific diseases changes.
WHEREComfort Keepers In-Home Care.
STOP Senior Hunger Campaign.
Across the USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia,New Zealand and Singapore,

Program Description

"Researchers estimate that nearly 9.5 million seniors will experience some form of food insecurity by the year 2025, with 1 million hunger stricken."

–Fox News

“The implications of an inadequate diet are serious for seniors. Family and professional caregivers can help seniors stay nourished by being there to socialize during mealtime, providing transportation and assistance in grocery shopping, and helping with meal preparation.”
- Jim Booth, CEO of Comfort Keepers

The “Comfort Keepers STOP Senior Hunger Campaign” Program helps seniors and caregivers stop senior hunger and elderly malnutrition by making use of the "WATCH" tool:

-Watch for physical problems in seniors such as bruising, dental difficulties, sudden weight gain or weight loss.
-Ask seniors about their eating habits and if their tastes or preferences changed
-Talk to a doctor about elderly nutritional needs or problems specific to a loved ones disease or medication management.
-Check with a pharmacist for possible drug-food interactions
-Have visits with seniors during mealtime so that eating habits may be observed

The Comfort Keepers website also has a quick sheet to help seniors and caregivers with senior meals called "Tips for Eating Healthy on a Fixed Income,"such as nutrition tips, grocery shopping collecting grocery coupons or using senior discounts and more.

Comfort Keepers also holds senior hunger food drives, participates in health fairs and sponsors related senior health educational programs.

Comfort Keepers is a national in-home caregiving network providing seniors help with the activities of daily living. The aim of Comfort Keepers is to enrich the lives of seniors and enable them to maintain independent living in their own home for as long as possible.

Comfort Keepers also specializes in the Comfort Keepers Interactive Caregiving Program a holistic in-home elderly caregiving for the whole person, addressing mental, physical, social and emotional health.

Senior Hunger Programs

AARP Drive to End Senior Hunger Program
- AARP campaign to increase awareness on the issue of senior hunger with the aim to help end hunger among older adults in the United States. To end senior hunger by looking for long-term solutions by partnering with corporations, researchers and non-profits. and to help seniors apply for eligible benefits such as the Federal government's Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP.) Across the USA.

Meals on Wheels Pledge to End Senior Hunger Program - Meals On Wheels Association of America pledge to end senior hunger by the year 2020. Campaign activities include: volunteering, increasing awareness about the problem of senior hunger in America, making donations to help with senior meals, or providing ideas about how to end senior hunger. Across the USA.




Find out more about the “Comfort Keepers STOP Senior Hunger Campaign” Program
Senior Programs

-Elderly Nutrition, Senior Meal Delivery Programs

-Senior Health Programs

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