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WHATA refresher course in driver safety for senior drivers.
WHYTo help increase public safety and allow seniors to remain safely driving and independent as long as possible.
WHERE Locations across the USA
AARP American Association of Retired Persons.)

Program Description

"Cars have changed. So have traffic rules, driving conditions, and the roads you travel every day. Some drivers age 50+ have never looked back since they got their first driver's licenses, but even the most experienced drivers can benefit from brushing up on their driving skills."

The "AARP Driver Safety" Program helps senior drivers to drive more safely and thereby helps to protect not only elderly safety, but also the safety of everyone on the road.

The driver safety program is offered in both a classroom as well as online and lasts approximately eight hours in total. The course can be split over two days and costs between $12 to $20.

By taking the coourse senior drivers may qualify for an auto insurance premium reduction or discount.

Some of the topics covered:

* Reminders of basic driving skills and updated rules for elderly drivers
* Defensive driving for senior drivers
* Age-related physical changes and how to adjust driving habits
* Reducing traffic violations, accidents and chance of injury

The AARP driver safety program also teaches:

-How elderly drivers can minimize the effects of dangerous blind spots
-How elderly drivers can maintain the proper following distance behind another car
-Safest ways for senior drivers to change lanes and make turns at busy intersections
-Proper training for elderly drivers on the use of safety belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, and new technologies used in cars
-How to monitor elderly driver skills and capabilities
-Effects of medications on elderly driving
-The importance of senior drivers eliminating distractions, such as eating, smoking, and cell-phone use

How to know when it may no longer be safe for an senior driver:
AARP's Top 10 Signs to Limit or Stop An Elderly Person from Driving

1. Almost crashing, with frequent "close calls"
2. Finding dents and scrapes on the car, on fences, mailboxes, garage doors, curbs, or the like 3. Getting lost
4. Having trouble seeing or following traffic signals, road signs, and pavement markings
5. Responding more slowly to unexpected situations, or having trouble moving your foot from the gas to the brake pedal; confusing the two pedals
6. Misjudging gaps in traffic at intersections and on highway entrance and exit ramps
7. Experiencing road rage or having other drivers frequently honk at you
8. Easily becoming distracted or having difficulty concentrating while driving
9. Having a hard time turning around to check over your shoulder while backing up or changing lanes
10. Receiving traffic tickets or "warnings" from traffic or law enforcement officers in the last year or two

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