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WHAT SingFit is a program that incorporates singing, movement, trivia and reminiscence for a fully engaging mind/body workout.
WHYTo provide a social activity for older adults while incorporating cognitive and physical stimulation.
Los Angeles, California.

Program Description

"Designed in part by a music therapist, SingFit builds on the fact that even when dementia patients can't speak, they can often still sing. Singing activates the entire brain, as compared to speaking, which only uses the left hemisphere. By engaging both sides of the brain, the speech hemisphere often gets a bit of a jump start."

The SingFit program has been designed by a music-therapist and aims to provide cognitive and physical stimulation for older adults.

The program incorporates a lyric prompt, which allows people of all abilities such as people with dementia and vision impairments to sing and record their favorite songs.

The program is for aimed towards the senior living industry and a SingFit app may also be downloaded.

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