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WHAT A program that designs dementia-friendly books so that those with dementia can continue to enjoy intellectual stimulation and take part in reading groups and discussions.
WHYTo specifically address reading and intellectual needs of those with dementia and memory challenges.
Connecticut, USA.

Program Description

"Reading is a skill that is generally preserved and intact in the procedural memory of an elderly person. Like brushing teeth or using a spoon, the ability to read is automatic and often remains to some degree functional even in the later stages of dementia."

“...deficits…such as ocular motor control, light perception, simultaneous processing, working memory and attention make reading mainstream newspapers, magazines and books extremely difficult. With its low visual contrast, condensed text, extraneous visual stimuli and lengthy syntax, everyday reading material can become inaccessible.”

“…low lighting, poor book placement and background noise, physical symptoms, pain, discomfort, fatigue, hunger, thirst, weak postural support and psychological experiences anxiety, confusion also negatively impact many older adults’ abilities to concentrate on reading.”

Modifications to text, graphic layout, illustrations, language and content are made to accommodate those with dementia and the cognitive and visual challenges they face.

Reading2Connect encourages the use of peer led reading groups where older adults can read copies of the same book aloud, learn, and socialize with others with minimal interference from facility staff.

Reading2Connect provides training to staff of long term care facilities, adult day care centers, libraries, senior centers on how to implement reading programs for those with dementia.
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