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WHATRe-Live is a professional arts organization allowing older people and those with dementia to create theatre and life story work.
WHYTo empower older people and those with dementia and other groups to become performers, so that audiences can experience real and untold stories.
Founders Alison O'Connor and Karin Diamond. United Kingdom.

Program Description

Re-Live puts together theater productions and videos of real people telling real stories.

Productions include:

‘Memoria’ which brings together people living with dementia, their loved ones, and professional carers to the stage to share their extraordinary stories with an audience.

‘Age’ which is performed by ten older people who are pioneers of aging and are creating the art of growing old.

‘Re-Live’ tells stories, provides video, photography and music re-telling significant moments from the lives of older performers with passion and courage.

‘Belonging’ is a dementia care training play. It is an entertaining and thought-provoking drama performance reflecting the real life experiences of people living with dementia, the impact on families and carers, and the rippling effect for the wider community. The production is used to raise awareness, and dispel myths about people living with dementia.

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Watch Video of Memoria - A play performed by people with dementia

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