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WHATWith the help of worldwide ambassadors, the campaign provides information about dementia to businesses, retail outlets and other services so that they can better serve and support those with dementia,
WHYTo raise awareness in communities, empower people with dementia and address negative attitudes about dementia.
WHEREPurple Angel Dementia Campaign. Founder - Norrms McNamara.

Program Description

“We are asking all, no matter where in the world you live, to hold an event which includes any type of music, (Not just Rock) and spread awareness of this awful disease whilst doing so. The beauty of this event is no matter where in the world you hold your event, any monies you may raise because of this, we want you to keep it local to where YOU are and spend it on whatever Dementia charities you want to.”
- Founder - Norrms McNamara.

“The Purple Angel logo is quickly becoming an internationally accepted symbol for Dementia Awareness for all dementia related diseases. A big key to the success of this project, LeBlanc emphasizes, is that one standard symbol is used across all healthcare systems making it instantly recognizable…By ensuring staff members are aware of the underlying dementia diagnosis, opportunities for misunderstandings will be reduced, and special precautions can be taken to minimize falls and wandering and address signs of confusion, sundowning, and aggression before the issue escalates.”


The Purple Angel Dementia Campaign works with the help of ambassadors who help spread the word within their communities.

In addition to retail and services other outlets such as hospitals, first responders, rescue services, and schools are approached by the campaign to ensure that they are also prepared to meet the needs of those with dementia.

With the assistance of Alzheimer's Disease International the campaign kick started World Rocks Against Dementia which features global music concerts and events. Organizers are encouraged to hold their own music events around the world and use the funds to contribute to local dementia organizations. The aim is to increase awareness and support those with dementia and their families.

The campaign also helped begin the Alzheimer's/Dementia Wristband Project with the help of ambassador Gary LeBlanc. The project aims to help hospital workers identify the unique needs of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients by having a purple angel wrist band is placed on anyone who is admitted with Alzheimer's or other Dementia and placing a Purple Angel on their door so that anyone entering knows they should approach with the patient’s special needs in mind.

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