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WHATAn online dementia video training course designed for dementia carers and others who come into contact with people with dementia. To provide people with the knowledge to better understand the causes and effects of dementia by highlighting real stories and demonstrating coping strategies.
WHYTo provide dementia carers and others who come into contact with people with the proper dementia care training which fosters high quality, person-centered dementia care.
WHEREThree Motion.
Available Online.
Based in England.

Program Description

Memory Bubbles video learning training course includes several chapters each presented with a video of around 3 to 4 minutes and supported by downloads and FAQs.

Memory Bubbles dementia training was created with the input of  health professionals, dementia experts, dementia carers and health professionals.

Memory Bubbles demonstrates how dementia steals the memories of those living with the disease, just like bursting bubbles and then teaches strategies to help with the effects of dementia by presenting real examples.

The dementia training video shows why people with dementia respond in certain ways and demonstrates techniques used to cope with challenging behaviors in a range of environments

The dementia training also provides and interactive way for others to experience what it may be like for someone living with dementia through the final chapter called ‘Enter the World’ of those living with dementia.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction to dementia
  • Overview of the brain
  • The different types of dementia
  •  Diagnosis and initial response
  • Difficulties experienced: the emotions
  • Difficulties experienced behavioral problems
  • Treating the difficulties with medication
  • Treating the difficulties without medication: person-centered
  • Sensations
  • Thoughts and their strong links to memory
  • Time shifts to emotional memories
  • Interventions for people who are time-shifted
  • Use of simulation and non-confrontational techniques
  • Reality orientation and non-confrontational approaches
  • Validating feelings of loneliness
  • Losing the memory bubble
  • Tailoring approaches to the needs of the individual
  • Dementia legislation - The Mental Capacity Act
  • Entering the world of the person with dementia


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Find out more about the Online Dementia Training: Memory Bubbles

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