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WHATA MedicAlert for people with dementia who wander or may become lost that can find them and bring them home safely. If a person with dementia is lost a 24/7 emergency hotline with medically trained specialists are available to supply police and emergency responders with the member's physical description, emergency contacts and critical health information.
WHYTo provide emergency response for those living with dementia.
WHEREThe Alzheimer Society of Canada.
The Canadian MedicAlert Foundation.

Program Description

By registering for the ‘MedicAlert Safely Home’ Program and wearing a MedicAlert bracelet people with dementia can be more easily identified and returned to their home and loved ones should they become lost.

The Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation suggest the following guidelines if a person with dementia goes missing:

  • Call 911 or local police.
  • When police arrive, have relevant information ready such as a photo, description of what the registrant is wearing, color, make and license number of the car if they are driving.
  • Inform police that the person has a MedicAlert ID. The police can call the 24-hour emergency hotline for details on possible locations and other vital medical and member information.
Emergency hotline specialists immediately notify caregivers or family to let them know the situation and location of the member.

MedicAlert Identification contains medical information and the emergency hotline number engraved on the ID bearing the MedicAlert symbol recognized by emergency responders.

In addition to the ‘MedicAlert Safely Home’ Program the ‘Finding Your Way’ OnlineGuide is a great resource that provides practical information and helpful information on how to prevent people living with dementia from going missing and what to do if a person with dementia does go missing. Resources are also available in the following languages: English, French, Punjabi, Mandarin and Chinese.

'Finding Your Way' tools include: an Identification form that can be downloaded in advance and quickly passed onto searchers, saving precious time in the event of an emergency along with other location technology services.

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