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WHATVolunteers are trained by the Alzheimer's Society and Dementia Friends' to help make life easier for those with dementia. Assistance ranges from help with performing daily tasks, fundraising, and increasing awareness of dementia in the community.
WHYAs dementia progresses people with Dementia may need a helping hand so that they can live independently for as long as possible. An increase in awareness and sensitivity training is needed in many communities to better serve those with Dementia.
WHEREDementia Friends.
Alzheimer's Society Initiative.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"People with dementia sometimes need a helping hand to go about their daily lives and feel included in their local community. Dementia Friends is giving people an understanding of dementia and the small things they can do that can make a difference to people living with dementia from helping someone find the right bus to spreading the word about dementia."

"You hear about dementia but do you really know what it is
and what its like to have it?"


Volunteers or Dementia Friends are trained by the Dementia Friends Program to have a basic understanding of dementia and on how they can help those with dementia. By training people in dementia awareness, Dementia Friends aims to empower people to make a difference.

For those with Dementia, daily tasks such as the way to the store or the way home, public transportation timetables, and money transactions can be confusing. People with dementia have a difficult time completing daily tasks that many people take for granted such as grocery shopping, going to the bank or simply doing the things we love to do.

Each Dementia Friend will be awarded a forget-me-not badge once they have completed dementia awareness training to show others that have received dementia sensitivity training.

Volunteering to help those with dementia can provide not only a helping hand but also a greater sense of acceptance and belonging in their communities.

In order to become a Dementia Friend volunteers must:

-Live in England.
-Any age ranging from school children to older adults.
-Attend a ‘Dementia Friends’ information session to learn more about dementia and what you can do to help those with dementia.
-Take action that helps someone living with dementia in your community.

Dementia Friends also trains volunteers to be Dementia Champions by increasing awareness of dementia in the community and sharing stories about ‘Dementia Friends,’ and help to create dementia friendly communities.

Dementia Friends training courses are available across England and help volunteers understand how to answer questions about dementia and how to make referrals to further provide information and support.

Dementia Friends lists the following suggestions for how to help persons with Dementia:

  • Being patient with someone showing the signs of dementia.
  • Spending more time with,helping or supporting a friend or relative affected by dementia.
  • Volunteering with an organization to support people with dementia.
  • Fundraising for a dementia-related cause.
  • Helping a workplace to be more dementia friendly.
  • Telling other people about Dementia Friends or spreading increasing dementia awareness through social media.

The goal is to have Dementia Friends volunteering in as many communities, hospitals, and public places.




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