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WHATThe Dementia Dog Project builds therapy services for people with dementia and re introduces dogs back into lives.
WHYTo train dogs to help those with dementia maintain their daily routines and activities such as waking, sleeping and eating routine, and also helping with reminders to take medication, Dogs are able to assist those with dementia when they are encountering new and unfamiliar situations. To support those living with dementia by providing pet therapy so that they are able to live independent lives.
WHEREDementia Dog Project. Alzheimer Scotland.

Program Description

"People with dementia's routines disintegrates as the disease progresses but the dogs will act as an anchor both in terms of the routine and also when they are out and about in the community - because the dogs are assistance dogs they can go anywhere so that encourages the person to get out and about and go anywhere."

"People with dogs often find that the community engage them far more than people without dogs."
Source: Video: Living Well With Dementia, by Dementia Dog.

“Dementia Dog” is looking for people with dementia for pilot pet therapy projects.

The organization matches up individuals with dementia with trained assistance dogs, placing them in the person's home with full training, support and evaluation.

The “Dementia Dog Project” provides therapy dogs that can improve confidence of those with dementia, keep individuals active in their community, and be a social companion.

The “Dementia Dog Project” provides the following types of dementia assistance:

Dementia Assistance Dogs - provide assistive tasks to those with dementia such as waking, eating, exercising and going to the toilet, reminders such as prompts to take medicine, or support such as companionship.

Dementia Facility Dogs – can be a valuable resource for care homes looking to provide dementia activities for residents to assist in their emotional and physical well-being.

Dementia Therapy Dogs - trained dogs that work with people with dementia and their support team, such as Occupational Therapists Carers etc., assisting in completing tasks that they have lost the confidence to do unassisted.

‘Dementia Dog’ is collaboration between Alzheimer Scotland, The Glasgow School of Art, Dogs for the Disabled and Guide Dogs UK, combining dementia care professionals and trained assistance dogs.

Silverado Dementia Pet Therapy and Live in Pets Program - Pet therapy for people living with dementia offered at Silverado's Home Care, Assisted Living or Hospice facilities. In Arizona, California, Illinois, Texas, Utah, USA.

Memorable Pets Program - Individuals, organizations or corporate sponsors donate a stuffed animal known as a "memorable pet" to individuals with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia and provide a form of pet therapy to those in a dementia care facility or nursing home. Available in the USA, Canada, Ireland, UK, Australia and New Zealand through online ordering.


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