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WHATThe Dementia Friendly Station program educates police and transportation staff on how to recognize individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia who are using or would like to use public trains and how to offer help.
WHYTo make train stations dementia friendly by having staff recognize when and how those with dementia may need assistance if they become disorientated at the station or to provide escorted passenger assistance in order to get them to where they need to go.
WHEREDementia Friendly Stations. British Transport Police. Dementia Innovation Hub. United Kingdom.

Program Description

“…we found out that there was quite a lot of people who would come out to the railway station who were living with dementia, and sometimes they would catch the attention of railway staff, they would have confusion issues, memory problems, they maybe forgot who they were, where they were going to."

“Many members of the groups' lives had been restricted over the years due to their illnesses. Most of them, and some of their carers, had lost their confidence in public transport and were unsure of how suitable the railway environment would be in accommodating their needs…Everyone who attended said they would definitely consider rail travel again, having been shown how accommodating the station is to all rail users. It was also a really educational for myself and the other officers involved.”

– PC Fiona Andrews. Video Dementia Friendly Stations. Dementia Innovation Hub.

British Transport Police recognized that train station staff both on and off the train were often unsure of how to provide help to those with dementia at stations and therefore began dementia awareness training.

In addition to awareness training the program takes those with dementia on supported journeys as practice runs.

Those interested are shown how to use the train in a group setting to allow them to feel comfortable and confident enough to use the train independently if they choose to.
Staff familiarize passengers with the station showing them the location of the ticket office, lifts, toilets and customer enquiry desk and provide details of how to book ‘passenger assist’ so that they may be escorted by officers and volunteers on their journey.

The Dementia Friendly Station program aims to:

  • Identify where dementia may cause a barrier to police ability to deliver quality service
  • Display dementia awareness literature in public areas at all police stations.
  • Facilitate awareness of the Dementia Action Alliance through internet and social media
  • Providing training to all staff to ensure basic dementia understanding
  • Work with railway industry to make railway more accessible to persons living with dementia
  • Create a network of champions and promote dementia awareness amongst our staff and partners.
  • Coordinate railway familiarization days working with train operators and the Alzheimer’s Society,,
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