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WHAT LGBT friendly affordable senior housing community.
WHYTo provide low-income LGBT seniors and others with affordable housing, social support, and quality senior services.
The Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund (The dmhFund) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Program Description

"The Anderson Apartments is the first senior citizen housing project built by and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in Pennsylvania and only the third of its type in the United States."

-– Article: Changing Skyline: John C. Anderson Apartments, LGBT-friendly and urban-friendly. Source:

"The issue today is some of those people who gave us community centers, health centers, took care of gay youth, they're now seniors…while I've been thinking about our pioneers, we owe them something and we should be taking care of them, they brought us to where we are today."

–Mark Segal source: video: John C. Anderson Apartments by dmh fund.

Private apartments also feature a shared community room, an outdoor community patio, and several LGBT events and services.

The dmhFund works to provide programs to fight HIV/AIDS, prejudice and discrimination, and deliver services to youth and seniors within the LGBT community in Philadelphia.

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