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WHATPromotes drawing art classes in care homes for elderly people with dementia.
WHYTo provide the opportunity for those with dementia to express themselves, reminisce and communicate in a through art.
WHERELife Drawing.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

“People who may or may not have done life drawing before express themselves in new and surprising ways. The drawings reveal something fascinating about life and memory to the artists themselves, they offer carers new subjects to talk about with those who may have lost the art of conversation and they show how people living with dementia want to preserve their identity with their own still relevant viewpoint.”

Art such as drawing for those with dementia can improve the wellbeing of participants

In addition to providing care homes with art classes, art work by those with dementia are exhibited in galleries and public spaces.

The program offers a free sketchbook for those with dementia with models across from blank pages for line drawings and coloring in.  

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