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WHATA campaign to promote recruitment and pay increases for workers in the age services industry so that the aging population can be supported and well cared for.
WHYTo prepare for the future change in demographics, and large increase in Australia's older adult population.
WHERELeading Age Services Australia (LASA)

Program Description

"It costs around $300 per day to house a prisoner, $700 per day to stay in an Australian hospital and yet a resident of an aged care facility is funded a maximum of $180. What does that say about our treatment of older Australians?"

"By joining this campaign you will send a clear message to decision makers that age services matter to you, NOW. We need to support workers across the industry to provide the quality care that every Australian deserves."

The campaign name is based on fact that there are 3 Million people over 65 years old living in Australia.

The 3 Million Reasons Campaign believes that aged services workers and caregivers should be paid appropriately for the care they provide given the low retention and high turnover rates in the industry.

Aged services include senior care such as residential care, community support and any type of healthcare provided to older adults in Australia.

Leading Age Services Australia works on projects, which allow older Australians to live well by working with governments and health departments.

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