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WHAT Matches senior professionals age 55+ (ReServists) with nonprofit organizations, public institutions and government agencies that need their expertise (Partners.)
WHYOrganizations can tap into a lifetime of experience of seniors to fill staffing gaps. Seniors contribute to their communities in exchange for a modest hourly stipend and some launch into new careers in the nonprofit sector.
New York City, Miami and Westchester County, USA.

Program Description

"Re-Serve" partners with nonprofit organizations, public institutions and government agencies to give seniors (ReServists) employment opportunities.

The "Re-Serve" Program is useful for seniors who want to remain in the workforce but transfer their skills from the private sector to the nonprofit sector for social change.

Examples of employment positions for seniors include:

Marketing managers, social workers, artists, administrative assistants, HR professionals, financial analysts, administrative support, and positions in health care, banking, advertising, education and government. Employment takes place in schools, social service agencies, cultural institutions, and public agencies.

Boomers can use their experience with "ReServe" to launch new careers in the nonprofit sector.

"ReServe" is supported by private and public grants and individual donations and seniors are paid a stipend by employers.

Several general employment areas are available to seniors including:

-Give Back, Fill the Gap
-Seniors assist with jobs that require specific skill sets
-Social Impact Initiatives
-Seniors assisting with solving social issues
-Community Careers
-Seniors assisting in the nonprofit sector
-Sector Switchers

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