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WHATTo provide senior citizens in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan with donated food, nutrition and personal hygiene items.
WHYSo that seniors may receive basic needs along with dignity and respect.
WHERESocial Legal Aid and Research Training Center (SLARTC) Kolkata, India.

Program Description

Many seniors are unable to receive basic necessities.

Children of aging parents in India who are struggling economically, or non- resident Indians (NRI's) living abroad may not able to support or provide the basics for aging parents.

Elderly in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan are not provided with Social Security

Examples of donations to seniors include:

-Clothing items and shawls
-Wooden cots
-Bedding (including blankets)
-House repair for elderly people
-Rice, cereals, biscuits, sugar, salt, cooking oil, hair oil, soap (both for bathing and washing clothes/dishes), toothpaste, etc.
-Weekly medical checkups and medicines

SLARTC has been one of India's strongest and most vocal advocates for human rights. Based in Kolkata, India, SLARTC is active in the Eastern and North Eastern parts of India in addition to Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan.

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