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WHATThe adopting a Native American Indian program helps to prevent self neglect of native elderly by providing food, medicine, clothing, fabric, and yarns to help the Navajo (Dine) People elders live on the land in their traditional lifestyle.
WHYTo help support elderly for whom it has become difficult to support themselves, prevent self neglect which is a form of elder abuse and to create a bridge between Native Americans and other cultures.
WHERE Adopt-A-Native Elder.
Salt Lake City, Utah.

Program Description

The main focus of the the "Adopt a Native Elder" Program is to make contact with an eligible elder through mail and to provide them food by sponsoring a "Rainbox Food Box," which is delivered semi-annually.

Many native elders live in remote portions of the Navajo reservation and some raise sheep as a means of maintaining themselves.

A newsletter is sent out by the program to sponsors so that they can keep up with news and events of the program.

*Other notable programs by the organization are:

The Firewood Program - Has firewood delivered to elders who are unable to gather it on their own. It is used it to heat homes and to cook with. Each load costs $100.

Feathers for the Forgotten Ones - Supports elders who are in poor health, who don't speak English, or are not "adoptable" as a part of the regular Adopt an Elder Program. Food, blankets and requests for special medical needs are met by sponsorship.

Yarn Program - Assists to purchase yarns for Elders to weave into rugs which are then put into an Adopt A Native Elder Program Rug Catalog. The weaving provides the means for them to sustain themselves in their traditional way. *Native American elder made rugs are featured on the website and can be purchased on-line.

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