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WHATThe Pets for the Elderly Foundation provides free pet assistance for elderly by paying the cost of a pet directly to participating animal shelters.
WHYTo give seniors an added sense of responsibility by taking care of a pet and to improve senior health and reduce loneliness.
WHERE Pets for the Elderly Foundation.
Participating animal shelters. Across the USA.

Program Description

"The Pets for the Elderly Foundation helps pay the fees to participating animal shelters throughout the United States for senior citizens (age 60 and over) who adopt a companion dog or cat from a participating shelter – including pre-adoption veterinary exams and spay/neuter, if part of the adoption fee."

"Research shows the most serious disease for older persons is not cancer or heart disease – it’s loneliness. Pets offer affection, unconditional love, fight loneliness, and can help ease the loss of a loved one.

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation has assisted with the adoption of over 78,000 companion animals for elderly. The foundation has 54 animal shelters in 34 states across the USA participating in the free pet adoption for the elderly program.

The program provides elderly free assistance and pets by covering the costs of pre-adoption fees, veterinary exams and spay/neuter.

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation website lists several research studies from institutions such The Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Medical School, The Journal of American Heart Association, The Gerontologist and more showing the direct and positive impact on heath that owning and bonding with a pet can have on the elderly. Some health benefits for seniors can include decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, and loneliness.

The organization accepts donations to cover the cost of pet adoption from individuals looking for ways on how to help the elderly.

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Pets for Elderly
Terminally Ill and Their Pets
Service Dogs for Elderly

PAWS LA Preserving Animal Companionship for Elderly - A pets for elderly program that by PAWS LA that provides free pet food and free pet care to low-income elderly so that they can afford to keep their pets. Los Angeles, California, USA.

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Senior for Seniors Program - Matches seniors with older dogs for free pet adoption and pet assistance including free pet food and supplies providing older adults with companionship and increased socialization opportunities. San Francisco, California.

Atlanta Animal Rescue Friends Silver Paws Program Elderly become foster parents to senior pets with the option to adopt afterward. Seniors can foster a pet with free pet assistance, veterinary pet care, free pet food and supplies. The cost is taken care of by the Silver Paws Program, therefore alleviating any financial concerns of having a pet for the elderly. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Nike Animal Rescue Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program - Matching senior pets with the elderly. Seniors benefit from the companionship of a pet to promote their health and well-being and hard to adopt homeless pets are adopted. Senior pets for seniors can be an ideal energy match. San Jose, California, USA.

Berkeley-East Bay Humane Society Golden Paws Program - Senior pets are adopted by seniors for free or for reduced adoption fees. Pets for the elderly provide companionship and promote senior health and well-being. Berkeley, California USA.

Seniors Pet Assistance Network Program - Provides free pet care and free pet food for low-income elderly who need assistance in caring for their pets. Dallas, Texas, USA.

For Pets Sake Best Friends Program - Serves elderly and special needs pet owners by providing free pet assistance, free pet food and free pet care such as transportation for veterinary and grooming visits, short-term pet sitting for pet owners who are hospitalized, and financial aid for veterinary care. Arkansas, USA.

Los Angeles Animal Services Seniors for Seniors Program - A pets for elderly program that matches senior pets from Los Angeles Animal Shelters with senior adults. Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Volunteers of America Los Angeles Companion Animal Program - Provides free pet food, discounted pet food and adoption assistance to help the elderly care for pets.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Seniors Pet Pal Program - Helps low-income or homeless seniors to care for their pets which promotes the physical and psychological health and well-being of seniors. San Diego, California.

Humane Society of Canada - Silver Paws Program - Provides help for elderly and their pets through free pet food banks, free pet care, support with landlord disputes and caring for a pet when a senior is no longer able to or is terminally ill. Across Canada.

Elder Dog - Provides free pet assistance support for seniors so that they can care their dogs and continue to benefit from a mutual relationship. Canada.

Pets of Older Persons Program - A program to support elderly who must leave home for medical treatment providing a safe place to leave their pet or have someone come to their home for in-home pet care. New South Wales, Australia.

The Farley Foundation - Helps low-income seniors who are struggling financially to pay for veterinary care for their pets. So that elderly living on limited incomes can continue to keep and care for their beloved pets. Ontario, Canada.

Pet Assist Calgary- Helping seniors care for their pets by providing free in-home pet care visits which may include pet food delivery walking, feeding, vet visits and more.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

PAWS Seniors for Seniors Adoption Program - Matches senior pets with older adults for a discounted adoption fee. PAWS encourages the paring of older adults with senior pets which are generally calmer and better suited to an older adult lifestyle.
Washington State. USA.

Golden Dogs for Seniors - A Seniors for Seniors adoption program that matches seniors dogs with older adults. Golden Dogs for Seniors helps support seniors who would like to care for a mature dog by providing pet assistance, financial support along with a personalized match.
Bay Area, California, USA.

Pets for Seniors- Matches older adults with older pets at discounted adoption fees to help support seniors who would like to adopt a pet but may not have the financial resources to do so.
Illinois, USA.

SPCA Sacramento Free Pet Care for Seniors - Free and discounted pet care for older adults so that seniors can continue to care for their pets with support from the SPCA.
Sacramento, CA, USA.

San Diego Humane Society Senior Pet Adoption - Free pet adoption program for seniors that waives adoption fees and provides a free vet visit. The program provides the necessary support seniors in their desire to own and care for a pet. San Diego, California, USA.

PALS Pets Are Loving Support - Provides free vet care and pet support including free vaccinations, spaying and neutering, flea control, free transportation to vet clinics, free foster care for pets and free pet food delivery if needed for the elderly, persons living with disabilities or those living with chronic illness. Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

PetPALS of Southern New Jersey - In-home pet care assistance for seniors, the disabled and chronically ill individuals including pet food delivery along with pet care supplies, medicine, vet care transportation, grooming, emergency foster care and more. New Jersey, USA.

Meals on Wheels America Pet Assistance Program - Provides older adults with pet assistance including free pet food and supply deliveries, pet grooming and vet care. Meals on Wheels helps seniors who have financial and physical challenges to keep their pets fed so that they can remain together as healthy and valuable companions. Across the USA.

AniMeals Seniors for Seniors Adoption - Free pet adoption and pet care assistance including free home delivered pet food, vet visits and vaccinations for older adults. Orlando, Florida, USA .

Animeals Helen Woodward Animal Center - Animeals provides free pet food delivery for seniors so that older adults can keep their pets for companionship. San Diego, California, USA.

Seniors for Seniors - Free and discounted pet adoption fees for older adults so that they can afford to care for an animal and experience the companionship and benefits of pet ownership.
New York, USA.

Animal League Seniors for Seniors - The Senior-to-Senior program matches older adult pet adopters with senior pets at a discounted adoption fee to help older adults who may be on a limited income the opportunity to adopt and care for a pet. Florida, USA.

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