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WHATThe Senior-to-Senior program matches older adult pet adopters with senior pets at a discounted adoption fee.
WHYTo provide older adults who may be on a limited income the opportunity to adopt and care for a pet.
WHEREThe Animal League.
Florida, USA.

Program Description

“While everyone loves puppies, not everyone loves the messes they can make or the time and effort full training requires. Often times senior pets are already housetrained, calm, and even know a few commands.”

“Many of our pets came to us when their owners unexpectedly passed away without having made provisions for that pet.”

Senior pets generally require less training and are therefore ideal for older adults to adopt. Older pets are also often passed over for adoption in animal shelters making for a win-win situation.

The Animal League encourages older adults who wish to adopt a pet to arrange for someone to help care for their pet in the event that they become incapacitated. Suggestions include designating a relative, caregiver, setting up a trust, or including pets in a will.

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