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WHATMatches senior companion pets from Los Angeles Animal Shelters with senior adults for discounted adoption fees.
WHYSeniors can benefit from the added socialization that having a pet brings, decreasing possible loneliness, and improving overall health and wellness. Senior dogs are able to be saved from the city's shelters.
WHERELos Angeles City Animal Services Shelters and at mobile adoption sites.
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Program Description

"LA Animal Services Seniors for Seniors is a program that matches senior companion animals (age 7 +) from Los Angeles Animal Shelters with senior adults (age 62 +)"

The Los Angeles City Animal Services Seniors for Seniors Program pets for the elderly adoptions are discounted 50% off the adoption/redemption fees, and include microchipping, vaccinations and spay/neuter.

Some seniors may also qualify for one free dog license per year.

The added benefits of pets for elderly include better senior health by taking walks more regularly, increased responsibility for another living being, and an increased sense of security. Senior dogs are adopted less often and are saved by seniors from LA city animal shelters.

Los Angeles City Animal Services lists their top reasons for why companion animals are great for senior health:

-Companion animals Lower Blood Pressure
-Fewer Trips to the Doctor for Seniors who care for dogs
-Less elderly depression
-Easier to Make Friends for Seniors
-Seniors Become More Active
-Companion animals are Friends
-Companion animals Ease Loss of love ones
-Companion animals Fight Loneliness
-Taking Better Care of Themselves
-Pets give seniors a sense of S


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