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WHATSimulation training for dementia caregivers so that they can better understand what it is like to have dementia and what those with dementia go through on a daily basis.
WHYTo provide sensitivity and awareness to dementia caregivers so that they can get help in understanding the disease and provide better care for those with dementia.
WHEREDementia Tour (VDT) Series.
Creator - P. K. Beville.
Across England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales through Training2Care
In the USA through
Second Wind Dreams

Program Description

"Learning to create a positive environment for those with Dementia can only come from attempting to walk in their shoes. This valuable, easy to follow experiential kit is designed for individual and family use, both to identify with and understand your loved one's behaviors and needs."

"…how can people be empathic when they have never experienced firsthand the physical and mental challenges facing those with dementia? Now there is a way."

"This dementia simulation program, which is being used by Alzheimer's caregiver groups all over the country, can be a tremendous help to so many families impacted by this dreaded disease."
P. K. Beville, creator of the Virtual Dementia Tour.

The virtual dementia tour is a dementia sensitivity training program designed to give individuals and organizations a better understanding of people with dementia's behaviors and needs.  The simulation program helps to build a greater understanding of dementia by using patented sensory tools and instruction. The program attempts to have others ‘walk in the shoes’ of those with dementia and get a small glimpse of what it may be like to live with dementia.

The Dementia Simulation Tool Kit is available to both groups and individuals and allows dementia caregivers to experience the same physical and mental challenges of those with dementia.
The program is available to hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, residential homes, universities, law enforcement, churches, doctors, individuals working in the public sector, department of transportation, and family caregivers of those with dementia.

The Dementia kit engages participants in the following activiites:

· CD's - that replicate dementia-induced confusion, using headphones with constant noise.
· Goggles - putting on thick goggles that make it difficult to see.
· Shoe inserts.
· Sensory deprivation gloves - that simulate the restriction in the hands.
· A form to track changes in attitude before and after the experience.
· A Quick Guide DVD.

Participants are then asked to complete simple day-to-day tasks and usually do so with great difficulty resulting in the following:

  • Loss of hearing and increased confusion.
  • Loss of central and peripheral vision.
  • Loss of sensory nerves and fine motor skills.
  • Onset of arthritis and neuropathy.

Certified Virtual Dementia Tour trainers are available on hand to conduct sensitivity training.

Proceeds from sales of the "Dementia Simulation Tool Kit" are used to fulfill dreams for seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities through the Second Wind Dreams Program,






Find out more about the Virtual Dementia Tour – Dementia Sensitivity Training Program

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