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WHATMade to measure stickers modeled after real doors are placed on the doors of nursing home, assisted living, and senior living facility residents.
WHYTo personalize an elderly person’s room in a senior care facility and to possibly provide memory of a familiar place for those with dementia.
WHERETrue Doors.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Program Description

“Care facilities feel more like home. Social interaction is encouraged. Privacy increases. People recognize their doors. Reminiscence is stimulated. The working environment is more pleasant. Residents' own identities are brought to the fore.”

“By changing one simple element of institutional architecture residents can conjure up memories with something old and familiar or choose something altogether novel and creative. True Doors are made-to-measure stick-on-doors that personalize the anonymous, and make everyone feel truly comfortable and at home.”

Door decals are modelled after real doors and may be chosen with a particular era or decade or style in mind.

Some benefits of True Doors include:

  • Senior rooms look less institutionalized and more like a home.
  • It may be easier for elderly to orient themselves and find their room which is helpful for those with dementia.
  • The decals allow for personal expression and creativity.
  • The doors stimulate social interaction and conversations between residents, family members, nursing staff and visitors.
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