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WHATIntergenerational art activities for those with Alzheimer's, seniors and youth, which support physical activity, encourage social interaction and creativity.
WHYTo engage those with Alzheimer's and seniors in the arts. To inspire, empower and unite older adults in their communities.
Texas, USA.

Program Description

"ARTreach Programs serving senior citizens, the fragile elderly or individuals with Alzheimer's are designed to improve the mental, emotional and physical state of an individual or group. ARTbeat combines art, dance and music to enrich a person's life, integrate generations and connect individuals to their communities."

 ARTreach programs are referred to as ARTbeat!

ARTreach responds to requests to start up senior art programs in senior housing communities, hospitals and medical care facilities and other locations.

Seniors engage in the arts such as:

Expressive Arts Collage Making – In this workshop for Alzheimer’s patients and their families ideas are represented in images followed with discussion.

Scrapbooking - Memories are recollected using photos, daily newspapers, magazines. Creative art and scrapbooking techniques are shared by teaching artists and volunteers.

Beyond- Arts and Crafts - a range of new and unique arts and crafts ideas that entertain and engage senior citizens in the creative process.

Watercolor Workshops - Young at ART - Watercolor Workshops are offered to teach seniors progressive painting techniques.

ARTreach Breakfast Club- and Cups of Caring - Seniors, ARTreach artists and volunteers create ceramic plates, cereal bowls and coffee cups with a unique a design. Families and guests are theninvited to breakfast.

Rhythm and HeART Beat - a unique music workshop for seniors using movement and music making that supports daily exercise and activity in a creative, interactive manner than engages the entire group. 

ARTreach aims to promote senior art programs along with art programs for children at risk, troubled youth, and adults with special needs.

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