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WHATRemPods are temporary reminiscence rooms, which recreate vintage room themes complete with old décor, technology such as radios, record players, phones and memorabilia.
WHYTo turn any environment in therapeutic and calming reminiscence rooms for older adults who have memory loss, Alzheimer's or other dementia.
WHEREStroud Enterprise Centre. Across the United Kingdom.

Program Description

"Carole Baker, from Derby Royal Hospital, explained: 'We have had patients who have refused to eat in their beds or their chairs because they don't understand where they are. But as soon as they have been in the RemPod with all the fixtures they recognise from long-term memory, they have started eating again. It is like they feel more at home and not as frightened by the strange, sometimes noisy, environment of the hospital.' "

"They provide so many authentic items from the past to see, touch and interact with, and they act as a starting point for lots of conversations and happy reminiscences."

RemPods temporary reminiscence rooms are being used in National Health Service (NHS) trusts, care homes, day-centers and elder care charities across the United Kingdom and can build better bonds between staff and their residents.

RemPods also offer reminiscence DVD’s and games for purchase.

RemPods were featured on the television show Dragons Den and are available to purchase or donate to a care home or care organization.

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