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WHATA personalized Internet based brain training program to enhance memory and attention and track changes in memory performance.
WHYTo provide a cognitive brain training program including brain games and exercises to sharpen memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving.
Available Online.

Program Description

"The web's #1 brain training program. Over 40 million people already use, and we're adding more each month."

"Now in my late seventies, my memory simply isn't what it used to be. It bothered me to watch my mother's mind go and to see those around me deteriorate. I exercised my brain, working at computer games and puzzles…Lumosity went beyond others in designing a comprehensive and scientific program for exercising the brain. I commenced at a discouraging 50th percentile for BPI. By working at the program every day I made steady progress. Now into my sixth month, I consistently score in the mid-ninetieth percentile."

Lumosity Brain-Training is appropriate for elderly who would like to quicken their response time, memory and overall brain function. Lumosity can be used by those who are struggling with memory loss and any age group to work on five key areas of the brain:


  • Recalling the location of objects
  • Remembering names after the first introduction
  • Learning new subjects quickly and accurately
  • Keeping track of several ideas at the same time


  • Maintaining focus on important tasks all day
  • Improving productivity and precision at work or home
  • Concentrating while learning something new
  • Avoiding distractions


  • Decision-making in time-sensitive situations
  • Speeding up cognitive processes
  • Adapting to changing environments
  • Reacting quickly


  • Communicating clearly
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Avoiding errors
  • Multi-tasking quickly and efficiently

Problem Solving

  • Dissecting complex arguments
  • Making quick and accurate estimations
  • Calculating figures in your head
  • Determining the best course of action

Luminosity’s Human Cognition Project (HCP) is collaboration between researchers, Neuroscientists, clinicians, teachers, and has the world's largest and fastest growing database on human cognition with and cognitive gameplays.

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