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WHATDementia support resources and materials such as: games, exercises and activities that provide cognitive stimulation for those with dementia.
WHYTo provide a home kit (or a facility kit) that provides stimulation for those with dementia in the areas of Language and Music, Visual/Spatial Orientation, Memory, Critical Thinking, and Computation. Dementia activities can also be used to encourage interaction and bonding between those with dementia and their caregivers.
WHEREFit Minds.
Available Online.

Program Description

"Our program will help you improve your daily interactions so that you can face the challenges of dementia together."

-Nicole Scheidl, CEO Fit Minds source: Fit Minds Video.

The ‘Fit Minds InterAct Caregiver’s’ Program is appropriate for: family dementia caregivers, activity directors at retirement homes, in-home care companies looking to add stimulating care for those with dementia or health care professionals.

The dementia caregiver packages includes:

-‘Fit Minds’ Caregiver Handbook with 90+ dementia activities
-Quotes and Notes guided reflection book
‘-Fit Minds’ Workbook 
-Association Cards
-Time Line Cards
-Event Sequencing Cards
-Memory and Art Cards
-Time Line Cards Sudoku Cards
-Shape Cards and Pattern Sheets
-Around the House activity board
-Around the Neighborhood activity board
-Activities of Daily Living activity board
-Magnetic Dry Erase board

‘Fit Minds’ also provides the ‘Enable Program,’ a support program for dementia caregivers which includes:

-Accepting Your Changing Role
-Warm-ups and Physical Exercise
-Your Loved One’s Brain: Understanding the Changes
-Brain Fitness for the Healthy Brain and the Brain under Attack
-Taking Care of You the Caregiver and a Self-Care checklist
-Coping with Stress
-Reconnecting With Your Loved One
-Language and Music Session
-Visual/Spatial Orientation Session
-Memory Session
-Critical Thinking Session
-Computation Session


Dementia Assistance and Activities Programs



Caregivers- Fit Minds from Videotelephony Inc on Vimeo.


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