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WHATBrain training games, which aim to improve memory, deepen concentration and improve brain function.
WHYTo use brain training activities and fun brain games to help the elderly, those with memory loss and others who would like to improve their brain function, speed, and memory.
WHEREFit Brains.
Available Online.

Program Description

"Memory and new learning is a necessary and important function of the human brain. Our ability to live independently and to function normally is a direct result of a normal memory system. Our personal identity is framed by our memory and ability to learn from these memories."

"The Fit Brains system will tailor each exercise to your need. Games you play often will get harder as you improve and will always challenge you and provide a solid brain workout. Keep track of your progress with the Fit Brains Index and follow our training recommendation for best results."

Fit Brains brain training games aim to improve memory, deepen concentration and improve brain function.

Fit Brain uses fun brain games, word games and brain training exercises to work on the following cognitive functions:

·  Language
·  Problem Solving
·  Concentration
·  Memory
·  Visual

Participant performance is tracked through a personalized training history.

Fit Brain’s Uber Brain is a cross-training brain game that works on all five areas of the brain at once: Language, Memory, Concentration, Visual-Spatial and Problem Solving Skills.

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