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WHAT Information center library and online access library for those with interested in dementia care and research.
WHYTo increase awareness, and training of dementia and to improve the quality of life of people with dementia.
WHEREAlzheimer's Society, Devon House.
Dementia Knowledge Centre. London, England.
Access available online.

Program Description

The "Dementia Knowledge Centre" has a library available for access at a physical site as well as online.

The "Dementia Knowledge Centre" helps to educate and train health and social care professionals, researchers, trainers and students.

Dementia resource materials include: medical information, health care, social care, housing, design, therapies, novels, personal accounts and more.

The"Dementia Knowledge Centre" publishes a series of helpful Quick Fact Sheets on dementia.

A large variety of dementia training topics are covered:

-Adaptations, improvements and repairs to the home
-Equipment to help with disability
-The Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)
-Assistive technology - devices to help with everyday living
-Driving and dementia
-Counselling: how can it help?
-Dental care and dementia
-Festivals, holidays and celebrations
-Respite care
-After a diagnosis
-Travelling and going on holiday
-Frequently asked legal questions
-Selecting a care home
-Understanding and respecting lesbian and gay people
-Choosing residential accommodation for lesbian and gay people
-Moving and walking about
-Coping with incontinence
-Safety in the home
-Washing and bathing
-Keeping active and staying involved
-Dementia and children or young people
-Grief and bereavement
-Dealing with aggressive behaviour
-Eating and drinking
-Pressure sores
-Sex and dementia

The Alzheimer's Society also provides support services for those with dementia and their caregivers through the "Alzheimer's Society National Dementia Helpline," online forums and a unique, user friendly “dementia brain tour,” that shows how the brain works and how it changes in those with dementia.

The "Alzheimer's Society" also provides the following other Alzheimer's and Dementia programs:

Alzheimer's Society Training in Dementia for Caregivers Program
Alzheimer's Multicultural Awareness Program

Find out more about the "Dementia Knowledge Centre" Program

Senior Programs
-More Dementia Training and Dementia Advocacy
-Memory Recall and Mind Fitness Programs
-Dementia, Alzheimer's Caregivers Programs
-Dementia Assistance and Activities
-Dementia, Alzheimer's Documentaries

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