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WHATTeaching dementia awareness to kids.
WHYTo help children and teenagers understand dementia and how it affects someone with dementia that they may or may not know.
WHEREDementia Explained.
Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Program Description

“We aim to empower people across all generations through greater understanding of dementia.”

Dementia Explained provides dementia teaching tools for young children, juniors and teenagers to understand learn and talk about the disease. The program was created with the help of dementia experts, children’s authors and illustrators. The program may be used to help teach dementia in schools or in any other setting.

The website provides interactive online activities for children to learn about what different parts of the brain do.

Kids can learn about the following topics:

  • What is Dementia
  • What Does it Feel Like to Have Dementia?
  • Why Do People with Dmentia Change?
  • Can a Person with Dementia Get Better?

The website has an online storybook called ‘When Grandma Came to Stay’ which tells the story of a young girl who’s grandmother who has dementia comes and lives with her and a video called ‘Grandads Hat’ about a grandfather who can’t remember where he put his hat.

Teenagers can also learn about dementia research and discover an online Dementia Lab,
source: kids.alzheimersresearchuk

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