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WHATDakim brain fitness software offers a serious yet fun brain exercise workout to help prevent memory loss and is available to senior living communities and for older adults living at home.
WHYTo give seniors/ boomers access to memory games and other tools to maintain strong brain health, stay sharp, and help prevent the threat of memory loss and age-related cognitive decline. The Dakim BrainFitness Program also aims to provide those with memory loss or dementia with brain activities to keep them engaged.
WHEREDakim BrainFitness.
Dan Michel - Founder and CEO.

Program Description

"Every seventy-one seconds, another senior is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. By age 85, half the population is afflicted! As a result, dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease represents the most severe threat to the quality of life of seniors. Staving off and/or slowing down the development of dementia is therefore the obvious reason for seniors to engage in a dedicated brain fitness program."

"Experts have found that brain health is a 'use it or lose it' proposition. Dakim BrainFitness turns rigorous cognitive exercise into a compelling and enjoyable experience, so participants are encouraged to keep coming back for more."

The “Dakim BrainFitness” Program offers over 300 hours of brain fitness exercises in over one hundred memory game formats.

The “Dakim BrainFitness” Program tracks a senior’s performance in each area of skill and creates a personalized brain workout for each senior user.

The brain assessment will give senior’s a score of one of the below:

 Level 1: ┬áNo cognitive decline
 Level 2-3: Age-related decline
 Level 4-5: Mild-to-moderate cognitive impairment, or dementia

The “Dakim BrainFitness” Program is meant to provide fun and enjoyable brain fitness games so that they can become part of an older adult’s daily routine.

Dakim’s brain fitness approach is designed to stimulate six essential cognitive areas:

Long-Term Memory
Short-Term Memory
Critical Thinking
Visuospatial Orientation

Dakim believes that mental exercise for those with memory loss or those who aim to prevent memory loss needs to be fun and engaging to maximize effectiveness.

Dakim offers seniors a free trail of their brain fitness software.

Dakim works with scientific advisors such as Dr. Gary Small, the Director of the UCLA Center on Aging and a leading physician in the fields of memory and longevity. Dr. Gary Small developed a breakthrough brain-imaging technology that allows physicians to detect brain aging and Alzheimer's disease decades before patients show symptoms. He is also the author of ‘The Memory Bible,’ and ‘The Memory Prescription.’

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Learn More About Clinically tested Dakim BrainFitness Software.

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