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WHATProvides art opportunities for those with dementia by connecting artists, arts organizations and cultural institutions with promoters of creative arts for dementia.
WHY To provide resources and training for the use of creative arts and dementia, and to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia.
WHERECreative Dementia Arts Network.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"We believe that participation in music, singing, theatre, drama, dance, visual arts, crafts and other creative arts are beneficial for people with dementia. Our mission is to promote the use of creative arts as a means of improving the health and well-being of individuals living with dementia, their families and communities."

"The Creative Dementia Arts Network aims to promote connections and collaborations between people with dementia, their carers, commissioners, health, housing and social care providers, policy makers, professionals and care staff, cultural institutions, artists and academics, commerce and business."

The “Creative Dementia Arts Network” provides artists, arts organizations and educators with creative art and dementia resources.

The “Creative Dementia Arts Network” aims to:

-Exchange information for the use of creative arts and dementia to improve the quality of life of people living with dementia.
-Provide and develop resources to improve practice in dementia care and the arts.
-Support the professional training and development of people working in creative arts and dementia care.
-Increase awareness of creative arts in the UK and campaign for creative arts and dementia.

The “Creative Dementia Arts Network” matches artist volunteers with people who are living dementia to engage in literature, drama, dance and movement, music, media, visual arts, objects, craft.

Volunteers also can:

-Help people with dementia to visit art galleries and museums.
-Promote arts and dementia activities in care homes.

The “Creative Dementia Arts Network” has joined with ‘Modern Art Oxford for the ‘Lost in Time and Space Project.” The project brought together a younger generation with an older generation for an intergenerational film making exchange involving set design, directing, interviewing, shooting film and camera work. Younger people encouraged older adults to explore memories of family, school, war, work, and marriage through activities, maps objects, artifacts, and music. Older adult encouraged younger people to share their histories, ambitions, hopes and future plans.




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