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WHATA memory program that offers a free online brain power assessment and suggests activities and memory games to work on weaker or problem areas. Suggestions may include working on short-term memory, long-term memory, hand-eye coordination, names, and recognition.
WHYSo that older adults and others can practice brain games and memory games for stronger brain health.
Available Free Online.

Program Description

"Keeping the brain fit is a necessity to anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle."

"Alzheimer's disease (AD) affects older people's memory, thought and behavior. AD progresses inexorably, causing individuals with the condition to gradually forget knowledge acquired throughout life and interfering with recall of even the simplest among everyday activities. Eventually patients will end up forgetting even the names of their family members. While the majority of scientists hold the belief that AD is not a normal part of aging, considerable debate still surrounds the issue."

Cognifit offers a free brain fitness assessment to identify what the stronger areas of a person’s brainpower may be such as memory, focus, and attention and then suggests training for weaker areas for an individualized brain training experience. 

Cognifit offers many brain fitness exercises and memory games to sharpen skills such as:

Auditory Short-term Memory - the ability to remember auditory information over a brief period of time.

Contextual Memory - the conscious recall of the source and circumstances of a specific memory.

Distance Estimation - the capacity to estimate an object's future location based on its current distance.

Focus - the ability to sort different visual and auditory stimuli to prioritize actions.

Hand-eye Coordination - the level of sensitivity with which the hand and eye are synchronized.

Long-term Memory - the capacity to maintain information as little as a few days or as long as decades.

Naming - the ability to retrieve a word.

Short-term Memory - the ability to hold a small amount of information in a readily, available state for a short period of time.

Non-verbal Memory - the ability to store and retrieve information which are non-verbal by nature.

Recognition - the ability to retrieve information from the past and to recognize certain events, places or other information.

Planning - the ability to think ahead, to mentally anticipate the correct way to execute a task.

Processing Speed - the ability to fluently perform easy or over-learned tasks.

Response Time - the ability to perceive and process a simple stimulus and respond to it.

Inhibition - the ability to ignore irrelevant stimuli or suppress irrelevant reactions while performing a task.

Divided Attention - the ability to execute more than one action at a time, while paying attention to a few channels of information.

Shifting - a mental process during which people redirect their focused attention from one channel of information to another one.

Spatial Perception - the ability to evaluate how things are arranged in space, and investigate their relations in the environment.

Speed Estimation - the capacity to estimate an object's future location based on its current speed.

Updating - the ability to respond in a flexible and adaptive manner in order to keep up with the changes in the environment.

Visual Perception - the ability to interpret information from the effects of visible light reaching the eye.

Visual Scanning - the ability to actively find relevant information in our surroundings quickly and efficiently.

Visual Short-term Memory - the ability to temporarily retain a small amount of visual information.

Working Memory - the temporary storage and manipulation of the information necessary for complex cognitive tasks.

CogniFit also offers several fun memory games to help with cognitive skills.

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