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WHATArts 4 Dementia Programs provide intergenerational art activities for people living with dementia and their carers.
WHYSo that those dementia, are given opportunities to access art and enjoy the benefits it has to offer such as stimulating brain activity and bringing inspirational relief from anxiety and confusion.
WHEREArts 4 Dementia.
United Kingdom.

Program Description

"People with dementia live increasingly in the present moment. Their emotions and senses appear heightened. The creative part of the brain, in people with vascular dementia and Alzheimer's Disease - the most common form of this degenerative brain disorder - can remain undamaged for years."

"Thank you for lifting Mum's spirits. The stimuli did her such good. Mum has been so chirpy … full of stories and happy memories. Arts 4 Dementia at the Wallace definitely picked her up. Mum was much more animated afterwards. The course is giving her a real boost. I am so happy to be doing it with her."
Participant of Arts 4 Dementia Program

When people with dementia engage in arts it can trigger instant reactions and responses and as such, reduced confusion, elevated mood, restores personal identity, encouragement of social interactivity. 

Engagement with arts benefits both those with dementia and to their loved ones or carers by sharing positive, creative experiences. The aim is to bring fulfillment to those living with dementia and to provide opportunities for quality time with their carers and loved ones through art therapy including, dance, music, and drama therapy.

Arts 4 Dementia is involved in the following dementia and arts promotional activities:

-Training workshops for art organizations and artists working with dementia
-Campaigning and raising awareness of the benefits of art on dementia.
-Providing volunteer opportunities for professional artists to help those with dementia
-Training artists and organizations to guide those with dementia to discover their artistic expression.
-Providing information, memory aids, resources, and new developments in arts and dementia.

Arts 4 Dementia’s offers people with dementia several creative, challenging and adventurous activities from a wide variety of art forms covering Art and Design, Music and Dance, Poetry and Drama, Film and Photography, Singing, Gardens and Heritage.

Arts 4 Dementia’s believe is that artistic stimulation can allow those with dementia to live a better quality of life.  




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