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WHAT A national, privately funded library for Alzheimer’s and other dementia resources with chapters around the United States and virtual on-line access.
WHYTo provide support and resources for those with Alzheimer's and other types of dementia and their families.
WHEREThe Alzheimer's Association. Chicago, IL,USA.

Program Description

The "Alzheimer's Association Green-Field Libray" Program can be accessed for Alzheimer's resources in the Chicago area or virtually from anywhere on-line through the internet.

Chapters of the "Alzheimer's Association" are also located throughout the United States and many offices have resource libraries with their own Alzheimer's resources collections.

*Some local community libraries are a part of the interlibrary loan program and it is possible to borrow from the "Green-Field Library" this way. If your local library does not have the Alzheimer's resource that you need, then they can borrow Alzheimer's books or videos from the Green-Field Library and get them to you.

Examples of resources that are available include:

-Audio resources for those with visual impairments
-Caregiving Books and videos
-Fact sheets and reports on Alzheimer's disease
-Dementia resources in multiple languages
-Help with in-home care Nursing home decisions
-Resources for professional care staff
-Starting a dementia care unit

-Early Stage Alzheimer's Disease
-End-of-Life Planning and Decision Making
-Financing Long-term Care
-Nursing Administration and Training for Dementia Care
-Nutrition and Alzheimer's Disease
-Sexuality and Intimacy in Dementia
-Much more

Thousands of Alzheimer's inquiries are handled each year by the "Alzheimer's Association Green-Field Libray" Program serving a variety of audiences including the general public, educators, healthcare professionals and families living with Alzheimer's disease. It is the largest library and resource center on Alzheimer’s and other dementia of its kind.

Find out more about the "Alzheimer's Association Green-Field Library” Program

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