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WHAT Once a year volunteers and staff service senior homeowners or those with a disability by making home modifications and repairs to make their homes safe and accessible for daily living.
WHYTo allow seniors to age in place, or age at home safely and comfortably.
WHERECICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions.
Indianapolis, IN, USA.

Program Description

"Each year thousands of older hoosiers fall at home. Sometimes all they need to be safe at home is a simple change. Removing a throw rug, installing a grab bar, securing a hand rail, repairing steps or adding a ramp."

CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions. Safe at Home PSA

Once a year volunteers and staff service senior homeowners or those with a disability by making home modifications and repairs to make their homes safe and accessible for daily living.

Senior home repair assistance may include:

• Installing grab bars in bathrooms and banisters in stairwells
• Repairing steps inside and outside (minor concrete repairs)
• Installing or repairing stairway handrails as needed
• Fixing or installing lights in hallways and stairwells
• Replacing light switches with rocker panels
• Replacing water faucet handles and door knobs with levers
• Repairing leaky faucets and toilets
• Replacing sliding glass bathtub doors with curtains and rods
• Installing fire alarms and smoke detectors
• Cleaning, organizing and removing trash when approved by owner
• Installing comfort height low-impact toilets when and where feasible
• Inspecting homes for opportunities to fall and recommending corrective action

As a part of CICOA's Fall Prevention Awareness, the organization has provided an "In-Home Fall Prevention Assessment Checklist" that helps make homes safer for seniors by assessing common falling and tripping hazards. Questions to assess senior safety are asked such as:

-Are there handrails at the front steps?
-Are there broken or uneven walkways around the home?
-Are there overgrown trees and shrubs obstructing walkways?
-Is the threshold at each entrance even with the porch or first step, or do you have to step up or -down as you enter/exit the home?
-Is the carpet loose or torn?
-Do you have throw rugs with curled edges or wrinkles?
-Do you have cords (lamp, telephone, extension cords) running across floors?
-Are frequently used items on shelves/in cabinets that are easily accessible?
-Is the refrigerator hard to open or unstable?
-Is the bathroom entry too narrow to be used with a walker or cane?
-Do bathroom doors swing into sinks or toilets?
-Do sink faucets have lever handles (as opposed to knob handles that can be difficult to turn)?
-Is the bath tub too high for you to step in and out of easily?
-Does the bath or shower have a plastic mat or non‐slip strips in them?
-Are there grab bars near the toilet?
-Are items you use often stored in easily accessible locations (about waist level)?
-Do you have lights over all porches and walkways outside the home?
-Do you have night lights in bedrooms, hallways and bathrooms?
-Do you need handrails on both sides of the steps?

CICOA Suggestions on How to Prevent Falls:

-Begin a regular exercise program
-Review medications that may cause sleepiness or dizziness and increase the risk of falling
-Schedule a vision screening - poor vision and conditions like glaucoma and cataracts, increases the chances of a fall
-Remove falling hazards from the home that you can trip over near the stairs and walkways, keep items you use often on the countertops, install grab bars in the bathrooms and use non‐slip mats. Improve the lighting in your home and have handrails and lights put on all staircases
-Wear shoes - avoid going barefoot or wearing slippers to decrease the chance of tripping

"CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions" provides information and access to resources for seniors and persons with disabilities living in Central Indiana. Agencies, service groups and volunteers, help sCICOA provide senior home care services including personal home care, home-delivered meals, home health care, senior transportation, respite care and caregiver assistance.


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