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WHATA dementia friendly restaurant where the servers have dementia.
WHYTo employ, support, and empower those with dementia to live fulfilling lives. To spread dementia awareness with the aim of creating more acceptance and open mindedness of those with dementia.
WHEREThe Restaurant of Mistaken Orders.
Machida City Municipal Government.

Program Description

“37% of orders were mistaken but 99% if customers said they were happy.”

“The ‘Restaurant of Mistaken Orders’ won one of the world's highest creative accolades, the Cannes Lion. Various awards and accolades have also been received both within Japan and overseas. The positive impact of the initiative and the gentle communication that highlights human kindness have, and continue to win great praise from the world over. We hope that our award wins will focus more attention on our project and mission.”

“We aimed for employees of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to taste ‘Restaurant of mistaken orders’ and bring back the hints of a society where people can live with peace of mind even if they have dementia.”

The Restaurant of Mistaken Orders arranges to hire and place people with dementia who are in nursing care facilities to work as servers in the restaurant despite cognitive impairment.

Meal orders do not always come out correct but that is part of the project’s aim of changing fostering acceptance and kindness. Volunteers work alongside those with dementia to assist in tasks. Shiro Oguni created the dementia focused restaurant with the aim of increasing awareness and eliminating stereotypes and negative images of those with dementia.

Instead of focusing on those with cognitive impairment as completely forgetful and wandering he works to highlight the joy, humor and many normal day to day tasks that they can complete. Various pop-up restaurants have also been set up in different areas of Japan to allow more people with dementia and the public to have the experience.

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