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WHATA dementia village where those with dementia can live in a self-contained community with a supermarket, a theater, a restaurant, hairdresser and more while receiving skilled nursing care and support services.
WHYTo create a paradigm shift in dementia care by deinstitutionalizing memory care and creating a safe, inclusive, social living environment.
WHEREDementia Village.
Vivium Care Group.
DVA Dementia Village Associates.
The Netherlands.

Program Description

“The Hogeweyk is the outcome of an innovative and disruptive vision on living, care and wellbeing for people living with severe dementia. It means a paradigm shift in nursing home care.”

“The traditional nursing home has been deinstitutionalized, transformed and normalized. The Hogeweyk is just like any other neighborhood. A neighborhood that is part of the broader society in the town of Weesp. In The Hogeweyk you will find houses where people live together based on similar lifestyles. They can visit the pub, restaurant, theater, the supermarket or one of the many offered clubs. The concept supports unique needs, lifestyles and personal preferences.”

“They live in a social community with real streets and squares, a real restaurant with real customers, a supermarket for groceries and a theatre that hosts real performances. There is no fake bus stop or post office, there are no fake façades and sets. The restaurant employee, the handyman, the caretaker, the nurse, the hairdresser, etc.—in short: everyone who works at The Hogeweyk uses their professional skills to actually support the residents and are, therefore, certainly not actors.”


Residents live in a self-contained village with homes, gardens, shops and services all while receiving skilled nursing care.

The dementia village aims to reduce loneliness and social isolation suffered by those with dementia by creating a community along with providing skilled nursing care by trained professionals and support services.

The Vivium Care Group is the creator of first dementia village in the world. In addition to the first Dementia Village The Hogeweyk, additional villages are located in the Netherlands, Italy and planned for the United States.

Guidance, consultancy and support is available through Dementia Village Associates for those interested in  designing and planning of Dementia Villages.

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