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WHATRaging grannies is a group of social activists made up of older women who use playful energy, song, creativity and humor to protest and increase awareness of issues related to social justice, environmental sustainability, women’s rights, and more.
WHYThe group aims to channel their outrage on specific topics through humor and protest.
WHERERaging Grannies.

Program Description

"From the most ancient times, the strong, wise, older women were the ones who advised, mediated and fought for what was right. Belief in the Disir or Divine Grandmothers, the Mothers of Time, is ancient and runs through all societies.”

“…We also ask that Grannies bring with them a sense of humor, a sense of outrage, and a commitment to non-violence.”

“The delights of grannying include: dressing like innocent little old ladies so we can get close to our ‘target’, writing songs from old favorites that skewer modern wrongs, satirizing evil-doing in public and getting everyone singing about it, watching a wrong back down and turn tail and run, sharing a history with other women who know who they are and what they’re about. Grannying is the least understood yet most powerful weapon we have. Sometimes, looking back, we can see grannying was the only thing that could have met the need.”

Peaceful, humorous protests take place spontaneously in public places such as street corners, rallies, or government held meetings.

Activists dress in stereotypical granny dress such as
loud, colorful outfits, hats and in some cases hold knitting needles and tea cups.

Raging Grannies started in the 1980’s as a group of social activists in British Columbia Canada and have since expanded to chapters or 'gaggles' around the world including the USA, Australia, England, Israel, New Zealand, Scotland.

New chapters are encouraged. The Raging Grannies website provides a how to starter guide for older women who are interested in becoming activists in their area.

The website also lists several protest songs on issues related to the environment, economy, politics, war, health care, abortion, occupy wall street, women, gun control, civil rights and much more.

View clip of the documentary ‘Raging Grannies’ by Pam Walton

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