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WHAT Elderly caregiver support seminars held on site for employees of corporations and workplaces. who are taking care of an elderly loved one.
WHYCaregivers taking care of the elderly are greatly impacted in all areas of their lives including time spent away from work to care for an elderly relative. Employers who address the reality of their employee’s responsibilities by providing education on the issue can benefit from higher productivity.
St. Paul, MN, USA.

Program Description

"A Met Life Mature Market Institute study indicates lost productivity from caregiving duties costs employers up to $33.6 billion annually.

The number of people who find themselves in the new position of parenting parents is on the rise and the cost to employers of employees acting as elderly caregivers include:

-Work Day Interruptions
-Caregiver Absenteeism
-Employee Retention
-Higher Health Care Cost (due to employee stress and other issues)

Educational training seminars on site at the workplace can connect employees with resources for elderly caregiving.

Seminars for employees who are caregiving for a loved on held at the workplace can:

  • Educate employees on this work/life issue.
  • Provide access to an expert in aging and caregiver services.
  • Build a personal library of caregiving resources and strategies for employees.
  • Defuse crises with heads-up options and strategies.
  • Help caregivers become more confident in problem-solving.
  • Show that employers recognize work-life balance issues.
  • Show employees they are not alone.
  • Be a stress reliever and teamwork opportunity within the workplace.

A recent national employee survey ranked life balance issues as workers' number one concern and eldercare is at the top of the list.

Eldercare seminars for the workplace can benefit employers and employees alike.

Topics include:

-Housing Decisions.
-Financial and Legal Issues.
-Dementia and Memory Loss.
-Community Resources
- resources that can provide assistance when a caregiver does not live near their elder.
-Family Caregiving Strategies and Cooperative Caregiving - strategies that can help maintain everyone's dignity and connectedness.
-Critical Conversations

DARTS provides senior transportation and home services to older adults along with caregiver support, and intergenerational volunteer opportunities.

Click here for a Brochure of the Workplace Eldercare Seminars for Family Caregivers Program

Find out more about the Workplace Eldercare Seminars for Family Caregivers Program

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