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WHATIndian senior activity, social and health programs for isolated elderly.
WHYTo reach out to isolated, lonely or the Indian aged living alone so that they can renew their sense of purpose and meaning in life and restore self worth, dignity and confidence.
WHEREAshvasan Foundation. Banglore, India.

Program Description

"In our traditional way of life the joint family system took care of a lot of social problems –including the care of the elderly and the infirm. Today with nuclear families taking over in cities and the high paced frenetic activity that claims the attentions and energies of working couples, there seems to be little time or place for those who have aged and retired from active life."

"Little wonder that we find elderly people feeling depressed, unwanted and unloved. Boredom and long hours of loneliness swallow up their lives as they wait endlessly for that three minutes call from the U.S. or that packet of photographs from U.K. from the grandchild. With increasing ailments, frailty and growing dependence, old age can be the most traumatic time of anyone's life. And it is unavoidable."

The Ashvasan Foundation provides senior activities to involve the elderly through recreation centres in Bangalore. The senior centers provide seniors a social outlet to engage in tea and snacks, classes on health issues, yoga, senior safety and security, financial investments, travel, politics, entertainment, music, dance and humor.

Ashvasan also helps elderly through the following programs:

Volunteers at Ashvasan -are more like friends and guardians providing elderly with help such as assistance with banking, shopping for groceries etc.

Senior Feeding Program in the Slums - Ashvasan helps hungry Indian elders by providing seniors free food, blankets, clothing, medication, toiletries, etc., on a regular basis

A Letter of Cheer- is written by a senior member of Ashvasan is distributed to all senior centers at their monthly meetings. Letters of cheer are also mailed to home-bound seniors who are unable to attend the meetings. The contents may include a cheery note, a beautiful poem, or a touching story.

World Elders Day & Awards to Senior Citizens -senior recognition awards for those who earlier in their lives excelled and served the community in six different categories: Arts, Crafts, Music, Theatre, Dance and Sports.

Annual Senior Seminars - seniors attend educational lectures on a variety of topics of such as senior safety and security, health, finance and money markets, religion and philosophy etc. Seniors can also use the opportunity to socialize and share lunch.

Senior Health Camps -periodic senior health camps are conducted at senior centers where Indian seniors can receive a free check up on their health relating to Diabetes, Ophthalmology, ENT, Dental, Heart, Prostate, Arthritis, Osteoporosis, Urology etc.

The Ashvasan wing in the Asha Jeevan Home for the Aged-nursing home for Indian seniors.

Medical Relief Corpus Fund -provides medical relief to senior citizens in need.

Ashvasan is an organization, that reaches out to senior citizens, the aged and the lonely. Due to the disintegration of the Indian joint family system and the movement toward nuclear families, adult children moving abroad and becoming NRI’s Indian seniors are more unprepared to live on their own. Add to that the high cost of living and seniors are more prone to insecurity and loneliness.

More Indian Senior Programs:

Dignity Helpline Elder Abuse Prevention Helpline -An elder abuse prevention hotline to help elders in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Pune India. To help elderly in India report elder abuse or to help elderly who are being harassed, neglected, or denied their rights.

Help Age India Mobile Medicare Units (MMU) Program - Helping Indian aged in poverty. Mobile medical vans with doctors, pharmacists and social workers make stops for India's impoverished seniors.

Sustenance for the Grandmother Program - Sponsor an elderly woman in need (Grandmother) in India and provide her with free medical care and support

Elder Volunteers Bureau-International Longevity Centre India - Indians seniors register and offer valuable volunteer services to hospitals, schools, and institutions for children with physical or mental challenges and more.

Value Education Program on Age Care Program
- Adding aging awareness and Indian senior sensitivity training into Indian school curriculums.

Social Legal Aid and Research Training Center (SLARTC) Adopt a Granny Program- To provide Indian seniors, and seniors in Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan with donated food, nutrition and personal hygiene items.

Verdurez Social Networking Program - Senior social networking for Indians 55 years and above living in India and Non-Resident Indians (NRI's) living abroad.

Non-Resident Indian Parents Association Charity Program -Indian Seniors helping other Indian seniors . A group of Indian seniors who's adult children have moved out of India to live abroad gather to provide support for each other and charity to other seniors in who are less fortunate than themselves.

Aristacare Indian Nursing Home Program at Alameda Center -New Jersey, USA

Rehabilitative, subacute and long-term care facility catering to Indian seniors, NRI seniors, South-Asian seniors living in the United States. Nursing care is provided in an environment where Indian culture is respected and languages such as Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi are understood by staff.

Guru Nanak Niwas Independent Living Facility Program - Vancouver, Canada
Assisted living facility for South Asian, Indo-Canadian seniors. Staff is fluent in English, Punjabi, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu and Fijian Hindi.

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