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WHAT Sponsor an elderly woman in need (grandmother) in India and provide her with free medical care and support.
WHYAmongst the elderly population, elderly women are the most vulnerable.
WHEREThe International Longevity Centre.
Pune, India.

Program Description

"...there are some elderly grandmothers who are so poor that they do not have money for their own medicines and no one to take care of their needs."


The "Sustenance for the Grandmother" Program is also referred to as the "Aajibai Sathi Batwa" Program.

Sponsorship of an elderly woman in poverty or (a grandmother) in India covers the cost of medical care, check-ups, medicine and other health care services.

Details of a sponsored grandmother are provided to sponsors along with social worker updates on the health and well-being of the grandmother.

The aim of the "International Longevity Centre" is to work towards healthy, productive and participatory aging, and to promote and support activities to increase the quality of life of the elderly.

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