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WHATAn elder abuse prevention hotline to help elders in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Pune India. To help elderly in India report elder abuse or to help elderly who are being harassed, neglected, or denied their rights.
WHYTo help elderly who may be having difficulty with their children, relatives, neighbors, or government institutions. Distress calls from elders seeking help are handled by a qualified social worker.
WHEREDignity Foundation. Mumbai, India. Elder Helpline available in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru, and Pune India.

Program Description

The aim of the Dignity Helpline is to prevent children of the elderly from neglecting or abusing their aging parents or to prevent relatives or others from abusing the elderly.

Indian children neglecting or abusing their parents often happens behind closed doors and has previously been an issue that is not not talked about.
The Dignity Foundation wants seniors to know that; elder abuse by children and other relatives is nothing to be embarrassed about, elder abuse is not acceptable, and the Dignity Foundation can offer help and strength to the elderly.

Volunteers at the Dignity Helpline are trained in social skills and basic counseling and make home visits to the senior citizen's home to assess the situation.

An elder abuse prevention referral network is in place including:

Legal Assistance - Lawyer's help to advise the Dignity Foundation as well as the elderly victim of abuse on matters relating to property, will, nomination, transfer, name change etc., and have assisted in bringing elder abuse cases aging parents who have filed cases of harassment, trespass, to the High Court

Police Commissioner's Office - take elder abuse cases seriously by making visits to the home speaking to children of aging parents and providing emergency help and rescue from an abusive household.

Psychiatrist and counseling help is available to deal with psychological problems associated with abused elderly parents

The Dignity Foundation offers elder abuse help in the following cities:

Mumbai Dignity Helpline
Chennai Dignity Helpline
Kolkata Dignity Helpline
Bengaluru Dignity Helpline
Pune Dignity Helpline

The Dignity Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to changing the way people look at aging in India. The goal is to allow senior citizens to lead active lives through easy access to trusted information, opportunities for productive aging and social support services.

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