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WHATThrough the use of home repairs, aids, home adaptations, home improvements agencies can empower elderly individuals to live independently at home.
WHYSo that the aged and frail elderly who are finding that their current home no longer meets their needs and are in need of minor home modifications to make life easier can "stay put" in their own home, get home improvement work done and avoid moving into long-term care facilities.
WHEREMear's Home Improvement Agency.
England, United Kingdom, UK

Program Description

"With an aging population and higher standards and expectations of care service delivery, increasingly older people choose to remain living at home and receive the support they need there. Mears is the UK's leading domiciliary care provider delivering care services at home to more than 20,000 older people every day."


"Mears maintains, repairs and upgrades the homes of hundreds of thousands of people in communities from remote rural villages to large inner-city estatesā€¦care service is continually expanding to meet the increasing needs of our elderly population and other vulnerable people living in our communities."

Mear’s Home Improvement Agency services advisory service is free, however there is charge for repairs. A quote is given before starting any home improvement work for elderly.
Mear's uses known contractors from previous home improvement projects and ensures elderly that their costs are fair.

Home Improvement Agency services may be referred by healthcare services professionals, a family member, a carer, the Local Authority or the elderly person in need of home repair themselves.

Mears’s Home Improvement Agency services includes the following:

  • Visiting elderly at home to discuss and advise on any home adaptations or home improvements required to make it easier to “stay put” or “age in place”
  • Exploring senior housing options and helping elderly decide which is best
  • Availability of housing grants and support services
  • Checking entitlement to financial assistance such as disability benefits, or grants to help elderly repair or adapt their home
  • Helping with construction and home improvement work such as plans, estimates and working with contractors, grants officers and occupational therapists
  • Gardening services, or home adaptations to help elderly after returning home from hospital
  • Making the home of older adults more energy-efficient

A personal advisor visits elderly at home to discuss and assess home improvement needs and if appropriate, makes suggestions for services, aids, or adaptations that will help elderly to continue to live safely, comfortably and independently at home. Advisor can provide financial assistance on for completing any repair work through finding out about eligibility for grants and senior benefits and paperwork. Finally, they can help oversee and inspect home improvement work.

Mears Home Improvement's Handyperson service is also available for older people, or people with disabilities, to make small home repairs and DIY jobs that local tradesmen don't usually do, or charge high call-out fees for, such as putting up shelves, curtain rails and basic electrics and plumbing such as plugs, lights, washers etc.

Home adaptations such as: the installation of adapted bathrooms ad kitchens, ramps and grab rails, installation of personal aids, telecare-services and sensors to provide safety, security and peace of mind for elderly and their families.

Rapid response for home repair for elderly is also available.

Services for elderly are available in: North East, Buckinghamshire, Shropshire Home Services, Kirklees, Dorset, Craven, West Cheshire Healthy Homes, Brighton & Hove, West Sussex, Market Harborough, Hackney, Manchester, Sefton, Oxfordshire, Wadebridge.

Care and Repair Home Improvment Agencies in United Kingdom UK

Care and Repair Cymru Home Improvements for Elderly and Disabled Scotland - Offers independent advice and assistance to help elderly or disabled homeowners repair, improve or adapt their homes so that they can live in comfort and safely in their own community. Scotland, United Kingdom, UK.

Care and Repair Cymru Home Improvements for Elderly and Disabled Care & Repair Cymru Wales - The "Older People's Housing Champion" is a national charity working to ensure that elderly are living safely in their homes that are still meeting their physical needs. Home improvement assistance and support is provided to elderly. In Wales, United Kingdom

Foundations National Body for Home Improvement Agency -An organization that groups together home improvement agencies, which aim to assist vulnerable, elderly, disabled or low-income homeowners to modify, repair, or adapt their homes so that they may live more independently with dignity. Also known as Care and Repair or Staying Put Schemes. England, United Kingdom UK.

Houseproud Home Improvement Program - A not-for-profit staying put scheme helping coordinate home improvements, home repairs and adaptations to homes of elderly in the England, United Kingdom UK

Care and Repair Leicester Program - Home improvement agency that helps elderly or disabled persons to repair, maintain or adapt their homes through a housing advisor visit and support during contractor work. Home repairs and modifications allow elderly to "stay put" or "age in place" and avoid moving into long-term care facilities. Leicester, England. United Kingdom UK

Care and Repair Manchester Program - Assists elderly in home improvement, home modifications, helps them assess options, obtain finance and supports them through the repair process. So they can "stay put" or "age in place" and avoid moving into long-term care facilities. Manchester, England, United Kingdom UK

Barnet Care and Repair Home Improvement Agency Program - Home improvement agency that helps elderly or disabled persons "stay put" in their own homes by repairing, maintaining or adapting their homes through a housing advisor visit and support during contractor work.London, England, United Kingdom UK

Bishop Creighton House Care and Repair Program - A home improvement agency providing support for elderly or the disabled helping them maintain their independence and remain in their own homes or "stay put" for as long as possible. London, England, United Kingdom UK

FOLD Staying Put Home Improvement Program
- The "FOLD-Staying Put Home Improvement" Program is similar to a care and repair or home improvement agency that helps elderly and those with disabilities by offering free practical advice and support to adapt their homes through the Housing Executive Grants Scheme. Ireland. United Kingdom, UK.

Find out more about theĀ  “Mears’s Home Improvement Agency Services” Program

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