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WHAT Provides mobile in-home salon and grooming services for seniors. Professional stylists and nail technicians service the senior community on location at their own homes.
WHYTo relieve caregivers and seniors from transportation issues. To provide seniors who are home-bound with salon service.
WHERETo Your Door Spa.
Oregon, USA.

Program Description

"Personal care is a critical need for seniors and the disabled. Services like hair care, nail care, and massage can have a significant impact on the overall well being of the elderly, yet many seniors don’t know that senior-focused personal care providers exist."

"To Your Door In-Home Spa" services for seniors include: Hair Styling, Haircuts, Manicures, Pedicures, and Therapeutic Massages.

"To Your Door In-Home Spa" requires employees to be licensed, insured, and go through background checks.

"To Your Door In-Home Spa" is certified as senior friendly by The “Elders in Action - Age Friendly Business Certification” Program which helps businesses serve the senior market by evaluating them and certifying them as elder friendly.

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